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Today, webinar technologies are being used seriously as a marketing and engagement tool. Webinars are indispensable technologies for remote working. Thanks to these technologies, your potential customers can hear what you speak and watch your presentations on their own computers. You can host a successful webinar or even the best webinar by using these tips in this blog post. 

Let’s learn how to make a successful webinar! 

9 tips for successful webinar

For a successful webinar, it is necessary to keep the business tight from the beginning.

Generally, a webinar follows the steps below, 

  • registration page is created for the webinar 
  • It is necessary to invite participants to the webinar registration page by using an e-mail invitation, social media campaigns, PPC campaigns or organic ways. (It is up to you) 
  • For a successful webinar, It is necessary to keep the event alive throughout the webinar.  
  • You can make a special offer at the close of the webinarwhich can keep people up to the end 
  • And a great closing … So, you can already convince the participants of the next webinar. 

  Firstly you need to choose the best webinar platform for you. 

best webinar platforms how to choose

What is the best webinar platform? 

The biggest confusion about the webinar is choosing the best webinar platform. Because the right webinar service is one of the most important issues for a successful webinar. There are a lot of webinar apps and platforms already. Actually, there is no best webinar platform for everyone. Because everyone has their own special video conference needs. It is necessary to do detailed research on which one is the most suitable for you. 

Here some questions for you to ask yourself before choosing a webinar platform. 

Can you use it easily? 

For a successful webinar, you need to know how to use the platform. The webinar platform you choose should be easy to use. 

How many attendees? 

How many participants do you expect from the webinar? 20, 200 or 2000… Will your participants watch the recorded webinar later?  

What’s your budget? 

One of the most important factors that will affect your budget is the features of webinar platforms. You have to determine the most necessary features for you. So, you don’t spend unnecessarily. 

Do you plan to have guest speakers? 

Will you be the only one speaker or will you have guest speakers? You need to answer that question before purchasing it. If you will have guest speakers, make sure your webinar service supports that feature. 

Do you need to record the webinar? 

Usually, at most half of registrants will actually attend the live webinar. Others want to watch it later. 

How much audience participation do you want? 

Some webinar platforms allow participants to communicate with each other via live chat software. If you want that, choose a webinar service that supports that feature. 

What kind of integrations do you need? 

You may want to integrate the webinar platform with other programs such as CRM tools. 

  best webinar platform or webinar service

10 Tips for a Successful Webinar 

 You can make your webinars more effective with the following 9 methods. 

 1 – Use Impressive Headlines 

It is necessary to give your webinars the right headlines and to attract the attention of the participants. Headings should respond to a need of the participants, or clearly express the benefit they will give them. 

To give an example title, it will be interesting to use titles that clearly express the benefit such as “Make Your Business Life Easier With New Strategies” instead of the classic title such as “How can you buy our product”. 

 2 – Set Your Target Audience Correctly 

You need to understand your target audience. If you don’t your efforts would be like trying to sell “Introduction to Programming Training” to already successful software developers, or inviting them to such a webinar ”How to be a successful developer”. In order to reach the right audience, it is important to examine the places such as forums, and social media groups where the participants would take part. To understand your audience, you can talk with them. Getting your target audience right will let them market your business for you rather than any other kind of promotion or advertisement. 

 3 – You Should Keep Your Expectation of Participation Low 

You need to know that usually at most 50 percent of those who sign up for a free webinar will actually participate.  

In order to increase your participation rate, you can remind them webinar, when 24 hours before the webinar.  

 4 – Make Surveys 

Top webinar platforms allow you to preload interactive surveys into video presentations/free slideshow templates. Thus, you can have a chance to get to know participants better thanks to the answers you will receive from them. This would be a great guide to a more successful webinar.

 A few examples of questions that can be asked to the participants; 

  • What do you notice most about this seminar? 
  • What is your biggest challenge today? 
  • Would you like to buy our product or service?  
  • Would you like to learn more about this service we provide? 

 5 – Offer a Solution to Special Needs 

For a successful webinar, you must meet the needs of the participants. If not, why would they join the webinar or stay until the end of the webinar? You should prepare your webinar to meet the need of the participants. It is necessary to clearly define your audience’s needs. 

 For example, the following themes can be examples. 

  •  Educational activities 
  •  One-to-one sales events 
  •  For leadership events 
  •  For customer training 

6 – Focus on Live Streams 

Live streams have become essential for a successful webinar. Because live streams excite the viewer more than recorded events. Therefore, when planning a webinar, it will be more beneficial to make live broadcasts as effective as possible and to reach the majority of the target audience during this event. 

Making surveys during the live stream, answering live questions from participants, keep everyone on the event. 

7 – Be Inspiring and Motivating 

Okay, you made a webinar and you might think it was a successful webinar. But after your webinar, do the participants want to contact you or buy the product or service you are promoting? In order to achieve this, you need to motivate the participants, you may offer special discounts and opportunities to the participants. 

8 – Keep Your Energy High 

Another key factor for a successful webinar. It is necessary to be enthusiastic. Your enthusiasm and a friendly demeanor can inspire and motivate your participants. If you can enable the participants to easily ask you questions and join the conversation, you can have a more fun webinar session together. 

9- Great Closing

We have already mentioned this above. A great finish will help you stay in the minds of your participants. Isn’t that one of the goals of a successful webinar?

10- Practice 

Practise makes perfect… The practice is really important. Don’t forget you will be on the live stream. Practice your webinar several times to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch the day you go live. 

Built your own webinar platform or webinar service

Or You May Want to Build Your Own Webinar Platform 

Ant Media Server supports N-N live video/audio conferencing by using WebRTC protocol that allows you to achieve ultra-low latency which is around 0.5 sec. Ant Media Server also provides scalability that can help you to scale up your solution dynamically in the case so many people attend to your Webinar or Video Conference. You can build Your Webinar, E-Learning or Video Conference System Easily with Ant Media. Here is your guide!  

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We tried to give you some tips on how to make a successful webinar. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.