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Welcome to our latest blog post where we delve into the exciting world of live streaming.

Today, we’re focusing on Ant Media Server, a platform that’s making waves in the industry. With its latest updates and commitment to fostering a vibrant developer community, Ant Media Server is truly becoming the streaming engine of the world.

From simplified installation processes to enhanced multimedia handling, join us as we explore the innovative features that are revolutionizing live streaming.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out in the world of live streaming, this post is packed with insights that will help you make the most of Ant Media Server.

Let’s dive in!

Ant Media Server: the streaming engine of the world

Simplified Installation Process: Streamlining Your Experience

One of the most exciting features of the latest Ant Media Server update is the simplified installation process.

This streamlined feature allows you to have your server up and running in minutes, letting you focus more on creating and streaming high-quality content and less on the technicalities of setting up a server.

This effortless installation is a testament to the user-friendly approach of Ant Media Server, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced users alike.

To start the installation process, first download the install script with this command:

wget && chmod 755

Then, to install the community edition, run this command:

sudo ./

If you want to install the enterprise edition, you can do so by running this command (replace <LICENSE_KEY> with your actual license key):

sudo ./ -l <LICENSE_KEY>

One of the key benefits of this update is its backward compatibility. This means it operates seamlessly with the existing installation script, ensuring that your pipelines continue to function in the same manner as before.

This compatibility guarantees a smooth transition, allowing your operations to proceed without any disruptions.

Ensuring Stable and Uninterrupted Streams: Built-In Reconnect Scenarios

Ant Media Server has introduced built-in reconnect scenarios. This feature ensures that your streams remain stable and uninterrupted, even in the event of a connection issue.

With built-in reconnect scenarios, you can rest assured that your live streams will continue to run smoothly, providing a consistent viewing experience for your audience.

This feature is a testament to Ant Media Server’s commitment to providing reliable and high-quality streaming experiences.

Ant Media Server High Availability

Embracing the Future: Native Support for Ubuntu 22.04

The update also includes native support for Ubuntu 22.04. This allows Ant Media Server to seamlessly integrate with this robust and stable operating system, ensuring a smooth and efficient streaming experience for all users.

By providing native support for this advanced OS, the Ant Media Server streaming engine is embracing the future and aligning itself with the needs of its users.

Ant Media Server supports 22.04

Enhancing Multimedia Handling: Upgrade to FFmpeg 5.1.2

The upgrade to FFmpeg 5.1.2 is another significant update. This upgrade ensures that your server can handle the latest multimedia formats and codecs, thereby improving the quality of your streams and providing a superior viewing experience for your audience.

With the upgrade to FFmpeg 5.1.2, Ant Media Server is taking a step forward in enhancing multimedia handling.


Building a Vibrant Developer Community: Distribution of SDKs in Various Repos

In addition to these updates, Ant Media Server is now distributing its SDKs in various Repos, including SPM for iOS, Maven for Android, and NPMJS for JS. This move is part of Ant Media’s commitment to building a vibrant developer community.

By making its SDKs readily available, Ant Media is inviting developers to integrate its streaming engine into their applications, thereby expanding the possibilities of what can be achieved with Ant Media Server.

This initiative is a clear indication of Ant Media’s commitment to fostering a thriving developer community.

developer community

Join the Hackathon: Showcase Your Skills and Monetize Your Innovations

In our ongoing commitment to fostering a vibrant developer community, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be organizing a Hackathon in late June or early July.

We invite developers to join us and build innovative products on top of Ant Media Server’s streaming engine. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your skills, learn from others, and contribute to the growth of our platform.

Stay tuned for more details!

Real Time Streaming Hackathon story 1

Conclusion: The Streaming Engine of the World

Ant Media Server is more than just a live-streaming platform. It’s the streaming engine of the world, providing advanced, ultra-low latency streaming solutions for a diverse range of applications.

With its latest updates and commitment to building a vibrant developer community, Ant Media Server is set to revolutionize the world of live streaming.

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Over 2000 enterprises worldwide use Ant Media Server. It supports various protocols such as WebRTC, CMAF, HLS, RTMP, RTSP, SRT, and Zixi.

SDKs are available for iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter, Unity, and JavaScript integration.

Users can explore documentation or join the community forum to learn more about the product.

Some Demos of Ant Media Server’s are available on the website. Deployment options include 1-click apps, cloud marketplaces, Docker/Kubernetes/Scripts on various cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, Linode, and Alibaba.

A free trial is available to try out the Enterprise Edition of the product and support packages are available for both editions.


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