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Ant Media Server now distributes live stream to Youtube, Facebook, and Periscope simultaneously.  In order to do that, we have integrated Youtube Data API, Facebook Open Graph and Periscope Producer API to Ant Media Server

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Why to Distribute Live Stream to Youtube, Facebook And Periscope?

It means your broadcast will appear all popular social media networks by just broadcasting to Ant Media Server. There are two benefits for this. First, this feature makes your broadcast reach all your audience that follows you in these social networks. Secondly, your professional live stream will appear in these networks as well.

Periscope Producer API in Community Version

Moreover,  we are the first to implement Periscope Producer API and announced with this blog post. Then we think that it will be nice if we integrate Periscope Producer API in Ant Media Server Community Edition. Here’s a simple guide that shows how to distribute live stream to Periscope by using Periscope Producer API.

Getting Started

So let’s start to learn how to distribute live video to Periscope through Ant Media Server

  • First download Ant Media Server (v1.1 or above) at or
  • Extract to zip folder anywhere you want
  • Download the PSCP.war file and copy this war file to webapps folder in the folder you extracted
  • Open terminal or command prompt and go to the folder you extracted the zip folder
  • Start the Ant Media Server

./   #start.bat for windows users

  • Let the server start and go to the http://localhost:5080/PSCP

Authenticate for Periscope Producer API

  • Click Enable button for the Periscope, wait a little and a dialog should appear

Enter user code for Periscope Producer API

  • Go to and enter the code appears in the dialog. – Keep in mind that this user code changes for every user. – After you enter the device code, you should see the screen below

Periscope Producer API, Authentication Successfull

  • Go back to http://localhost:5080/PSCP and click “OK” button of the dialog. After a while, Periscope button should turn into ENABLED. This is the time to “Create Broadcast”. Please press “Create Broadcast” button

Create broadcast, Periscope Producer API Ant Media Server

  • It may take a few seconds to finish and at last you should a dialog appear like below

Publish live content at Ant Media Server and it sends to Periscope with Producer API

  • Copy the RTMP url and broadcast a live video to this url. You can do this in several ways such as with OBS(Open Broadcaster Software), Wirecast or simply FFmpeg. Let’s do it in a simple way. First download sample file(ocean.mp4) and run the below command in the folder where you download ocean.mp4

ffmpeg -re -i ocean.mp4 -codec copy -f flv [RTMP_URL_IN_THE_DIALOG]

  • Now go to your Periscope Account and watch the live stream. This live stream can also be played in the same url in the dialog as well.

You may want to check How to Publish Live Stream Easily in Social Media? and What is FFmpeg? blog posts.

Lastly, if you have any quest or you also want to distribute live stream to Youtube and Facebook, please keep in touch.

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