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Run Ant Media Server (Enterprise Edition) container on ECS in cluster mode

In this document we will tell how you can run Ant Media Server Enterprise edition container on ECS in cluster mode.

Step 0. Register to Ant Media Server Container product

Step 1. Create AWS ECS Cluster

  • Open AWS ECS Service

  • Navigate Clusters

  • Click Create Cluster

  • Write ams-cluster as cluster name

  • Under Networking Settings Select public VPC as Cluster VPC

    • Select at least one subnet from VPC

  • Under Infrastructure settings

    • Set EC2 instance type to c5.xlarge
    • Select your keypair

  • then click create

Step 2: Create AMS task definition

  • Create a role with name of ecsTaskExecutionRole and attach AmazonECSTaskExecutionRolePolicy, AWSMarketplaceMeteringRegisterUsage policies

  • Open AWS ECS Service

  • Navigate Task Definitions

  • Click Create New Task Definition with JSON

  • Paste following JSON by changing the execution role ARN:

"family": "ams-task-definiton",
"containerDefinitions": [
"name": "ams",
"image": "",
"cpu": 0,
"portMappings": [],
"essential": true,
"environment": [],
"environmentFiles": [],
"mountPoints": [],
"volumesFrom": []
"taskRoleArn": "arn:aws:iam::xxxxxxxx:role/ecsTaskExecutionRole",
"executionRoleArn": "arn:aws:iam::xxxxxxxx:role/ecsTaskExecutionRole",
"networkMode": "host",
"requiresCompatibilities": [
"cpu": "4048",
"memory": "4096",
"runtimePlatform": {
"cpuArchitecture": "X86_64",
"operatingSystemFamily": "LINUX"
  • You may also change the image version, cpu and memory limit.
  • Click Create

Step 3. Run AMS task definition

  • Open AWS ECS Service

  • Navigate Clusters

  • Selec ams-cluster

  • Navigate Tasks tab

  • Click Run New Task

  • Select EC2 as Launch type

  • Select ams-task-definition as Task Definition

  • Click Run Task

Step 4. Test the structure