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Updating AMS with CloudFormation

If you have installed Ant Media Server with Cloudformation and then want to update it, simply follow the steps below.

NOTE: Please note that your old Instances will be terminated after this update.

1. Log in to the AWS Dashboard and find CloudFormation in the search box. Then, click on the "stack" that you created earlier.

2. Please proceed by clicking “Stack actions >` Create change set for current stack” button

3. In this part, select the “Replace current template” and “Amazon S3 URL” options. Pass the URL below as Amazon S3 input and click “Next” button.

4. The values in this section are your previous settings, you can also change the parts you want to change here. Then please proceed by clicking “Next” button.

5. Please proceed by clicking “Next” button

6. Please proceed by clicking “Create change set” button.

7. Click "Create change set" in the window that comes up.

8. Please proceed by clicking “Execute” button.

9. Please proceed by clicking “Execute change set” button then Let's start the update process.

10. When the update process is completed, you will see the "UPDATE_COMPLETE" event as below.

If you have any questions, please just drop a line to