It’s expensive being a full-time student. Average annual tuition costs for college ranges from $10,000 to $40,000. And that figure doesn’t even include the nearly $1,200 you might need to fork over for textbooks, software, and other materials. The bright side? You can get a lot of great student discount on software. Many students who want to develop projects with live video streaming capability need Free Media Server.

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Savvy Students Supported

In addition to saving you cash, these software deals will give you a head start on your career. Having the right software skills on your resume will make you a more attractive candidate when you apply for jobs after college.

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Academics and Trainers Supported

Just students? Academics or trainers also may not have enough budget to own costly software with full price. Additionally, academics might need such software for the term project, graduation project, master study, or doctoral study assignments of their students. Furthermore, meetups or communities composed of technology fans also need such software licenses for their training activities or proof-of-concept studies.

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Meetups and Communities Supported

Meet Free Media Server from Ant Media

Ant Media supports students, academics, and communities with Student Discount promotion. Just send an email from your “.edu” accounts to contact[at]antmedia[dot]io indicating use of Ant Media Server for educational purposes. This program includes both students and academic staff. If you’re a member of Meetup organization or software technology community, send an e-mail to contact[at]antmedia[dot]io. You can use your one-year license free of charge after your belonging has been approved.

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Ultra-Low Latency Adaptive Live Streaming

You will get the following features with Ant Media Server:

  • Sub-second Adaptive Live Video Streaming.
  • RTMP, MP4, HLS, and WebRTC with adaptive bitrate.
  • Mobile and desktop browser enablement for video streaming.
  • Auto-scaling cluster support for Publishers and Viewers.
  • Simulcast to multiple Facebook, YouTube, Periscope accounts.
  • SDK for iOS, Android, and JavaScript.
  • IP Camera Streaming.
  • Compatibility with ONVIF compliant IP cameras.
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