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Ant Media Server has 2 built-in applications. Our customers want to able to use different settings for each application and able to specify the name of the application.

Because of that, customers want to add/create new applications. So, we have prepared a script that creates new applications in Ant Media Server easily. You just need to type a few simple commands.

how to create application

Let’s have a look at the steps:

Step 1

Go to the folder where Ant-Media-Server is installed. Default directory is /usr/local/antmedia

cd /usr/local/antmedia

Step 2 usage in below.

sudo ./ applicationName AMS-Folder-Path

For example:

sudo ./ streamHive /usr/local/antmedia

Step 3

Restart Ant Media Service

sudo service antmedia restart


If everything is OK, you will see your new application in Dashboard like the below image.


You can use the contact form at or contact @ antmedia dot io e-mail to send your feedback.

*This feature is available in Ant Media Server 1.9.0+ versions.

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