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Ant Media Server comes installed with two applications, LiveApp and WebRTCApp in the community edition and WebRTCAppEE in the enterprise edition.

Our customers want to able to use different settings for each application and able to specify the name of the application.

Because of that, customers want to add/create new applications. So, we have prepared a script that easily creates new applications in Ant Media Server.

You just need to type a few simple commands.

how to create application

Let’s have a look at the steps:

Step 1

Go to the folder where Ant-Media-Server is installed. Default directory is /usr/local/antmedia

cd /usr/local/antmedia

Step 2 usage is below.

sudo ./ applicationName AMS-Folder-Path

For example:

sudo ./ streamHive /usr/local/antmedia

Step 3

Restart Ant Media Service

sudo service antmedia restart


If everything was successful, you will see your new application in the Dashboard as in the image below.


If you need any support then you can join Github discussions and post a message if you are running the community version, or use the built in contact form to send us a support ticket if you are running the enterprise edition.

*This feature is available in Ant Media Server 1.9.0+ versions.

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