Streaming platform that provides the highest quality, reliable, and fastest ultra-low latency streaming.

About StreamNinja

Its software as a service allows high quality and speed connections with less than 500milliseconds latency. This enable real-time interaction of the audience without a connection limit.Thanks to it’s low latency it’s perfect for all type of events, such as Corporate events, Live sports, Medical congress etc.


  • Ultra Low Latency: We use real ultra-low latency, with our service you will have no delay between streaming and viewing.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with all devices and does not require any application installed
  • Up to 4K: Broadcasting of events up to 4k with the best quality.
  • Unlimited connections: The platform allows unlimited users in any resolution.
  • Comfort: Thanks to our control panel you can manage your streamings comfortably.
  • Synchronized: Your entire audience will follow your event in sync and will be able to interact in real time.

Get Started Instructions:

Before Starting: 

You need to have an active Stream Ninja license. If don’t have one please request a demo here


Screenshot 2023 05 09 at 09.44.03

  • Click on the new stream and name your stream. You just created a stream! Now let’s go live!

Screenshot 2023 05 09 at 09.45.00

  • Click the eye icon at the right corner. 

Screenshot 2023 05 09 at 09.46.00

  • Hit the start stream button

Screenshot 2023 05 09 at 09.46.54 1

  • That is it! You are live! 
  • In order to watch the stream. Copy and paste the URL as shown below:

Screenshot 2023 05 09 at 09.48.47


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