Together with our experienced team, we are working hard to find the most suitable solutions for you. We use our own developed technology and methods to ensure that the solutions we will offer you works and survives for many years without any problems. Thus, we can react quickly in any development or problem and we try to keep your application alive for the longest time.

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Video Streaming as a Service

Cloud native streaming service that can be customized according to needs. NextDeveloper Video Streaming Service, which can be adapted to different infrastructure systems no matter where they are located, protects all your rights with DRM license during the broadcast process, while providing easy infrastructure setup and management with automation systems.

Fully automated infrastructure setup

Scalable infrastructure deployment with continuity throughout the entire streaming process, from set-up to running the machine, from starting to ending a stream.

Centralized management

Effortless and centralized management of the streaming process thanks to API management that enables the applications to communicate and interact with each other.

Custom platform

Post-production with easy access to the video studio service, with easy operation thanks to a customizable and integrable web interface.


DRM support that blacklists every single platform where content is not published and TOKEN Authentication to prevent unauthorized use of content on different platforms.

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