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We have worked hard to release v1.2.0 . There is not only added webrtc ultra low latency, there are also web interface management, documentation, rest services and more in v1.2.0. Let’s make it quick. Here are the main features on Ant Media Server v1.2.0

Latency in WebRTC Live Streaming is about 500ms

Low Latency Live Streaming is as low as ~200ms in WebRTC to WebRTC if everything is ok. In real scenarios Latency is about ~500ms. In addition, WebRTC streams is converted to MP4 and adaptive HLS(HTTP Live Streaming) at the same time.  It means? 

Ant Media Server Low Latency WebRTC Live Streaming

It means WebRTC stream can be delivered to a small group with ultra low latency and the same stream can be watched by millions of people via HLS through CDN with 6-10 secs latency.

RTMP to WebRTC Latency is less than 1 sec

Ant Media Server can make old school faster. Yeah Publishing with RTMP and watching with WebRTC is possible.  Generally RTMP to RTMP latency is about 2-3 seconds. In this scenario RTMP to WebRTC latency is less than 1 sec.


It means you can use your software(OBS, Xsplit, Wirecast, Adobe Media Live Encoder, etc.) and hardware encoders(Teradek, Tricaster,  Black Magic Web Presenter, Gosolo, etc. ) to publish live streams in order to have been watched via WebRTC with Low Latency. Btw, keep in mind that you may need to tune your encoders latency settings.

Dashboard is Easy to Use

Manage Ant Media Server via Web Interface. You can use web interface for basic monitoring(cpu, disk, ram usage, active live streams) and changing settings like adaptive streams bitrates and muxings. In addition you can authorize server to publish Live Streams on Facebook, Youtube and Periscope as well.

Screen Shot 2018 01 30 at 18.56.21

You can access the Web UI through 5080 port. Making Ant Media Server easy to use is our priority so that we will make web management interface have more features in every coming releases.

Developer Friendly Media Server with Rest Services

Remember,  remember the developer. Yeah, we remember the developers so that we have created rest services for applications running on Ant Media Server. Rest services lets developers add, delete streams, authorize social media, change settings.

photo 1429051883746 afd9d56fbdaf

All rest services are bind to apps through this path “http://SERVER:5080/APP_NAME/rest/…” In order to have a look at the rest services please take a look at the doc folder in the server directory.

We have also integrated CI/CD to our software development cycle so we plan to have newer versions more frequently, more stable and more robust.

That’s all for this post. Please let us know if you have any question or feedback through contact form

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