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Ant Media Server Enterprise and Community Edition

Ant Media Server is a real-time streaming engine software that provides adaptive, ultra-low latency streaming by using WebRTC technology with ~0.5 seconds latency. Ant Media Server is highly scalable both horizontally and vertically. It can run on-premise or on-cloud.

Here are the fundamental features of Ant Media Server:

  • Ultra Low Latency Adaptive One to Many WebRTC Live Streaming in Enterprise Edition.
  • Adaptive Bitrate for Live Streams (WebRTC, MP4, HLS, DASH/CMAF) in Enterprise Edition.
  • SFU in One to Many WebRTC Streams in Enterprise Edition.
  • MCU in One to Many or Many to Many WebRTC Streams in Enterprise Edition.
  • Live Stream Publishing with RTMP and WebRTC.
  • WebRTC to RTMP Adapter.
  • IP Camera with RTSP Support.
  • Recording Live Streams (MP4 and HLS).
  • Restream to Social Media Simultaneously.
  • One-Time Token Control in Enterprise Edition.
  • Object Detection in Enterprise Edition.
  • H.264, H.265 and VP8
  • WebRTC Data Channels Support.

This doc includes information both for Community and Enterprise Editions. If something is not working according to this doc, you may be using Community Edition and you try to use a feature of Enterprise. Check the Community vs. Enterprise below

Community Edition & Enterprise Edition

Ant Media Server has two versions. One of them is the Community Edition(Free) and the other one is Enterprise Edition. Community Edition is available to download on Github. Enterprise Edition can be purchased on

Community EditionEnterprise Edition
Ultra Low Latency One-to-Many WebRTC Streamingtruetrue
End-to-End Latency8-12 Seconds0.5 Seconds (500ms)
SRT Ingesttruetrue
Kubernetes Supporttruetrue
RTMP(Ingesting) to WebRTC (Playing)truetrue
Hardware Encoding(Nvidia GPU, QuickSync)truetrue
WebRTC Data Channeltruetrue
Adaptive Bitratetruetrue
Secure Streamingtruetrue
iOS & Android RTMP SDKtruetrue
iOS & Android WebRTC SDKtruetrue
VP8 and H.265 Supporttruetrue
JavaScript SDKtruetrue
RTMP, RTSP, MP4 and HLS Supporttruetrue
WebRTC to RTMP Adaptertruetrue
360 Degree Live & VoD Streamstruetrue
Web Management Dashboardtruetrue
IP Camera Supporttruetrue
Re-stream Remote Streamstruetrue
Open Sourcetruetrue
Simulcast to all Social Media via RTMPtruetrue
SupportCommunityE-mail, On-site



Ant Media Server has basically two types of licenses.

  1. Ant Media Server Community Edition is free to use.
  2. Ant Media Server Enterprise Edition has a paid license per instance/server. Paid license options are monthly, annually, and perpetual. You can get licenses from or you can use hourly/monthly/yearly licenses from Marketplaces in AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace, Digital Ocean, Alibaba, and Linode

Enterprise Cluster License

Enterprise Cluster License is similar features to the Enterprise License. The only difference is that Enterprise Cluster License supports many instances run simultaneously with the same license key. On the other hand, the Enterprise License key only supports one instance at a time.

If you're planning to have a large deployment for your Enterprise Cluster, please contact Sales at in order to have some discounts.

Free Enterprise License for Education and Tech Communities

Ant Media provides free Enterprise Licenses* for the *students, academics, and communities. To get the advantage of this opportunity, just send an email (from your institution or community e-mail address) to

Functional Architecture

Supported Environments

Ant Media Server runs on Linux(Ubuntu) and MacOS. it supports both x64 and ARM architecture. Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 22.04 and CentOS 8 are officially supported. In addition, It's known that Ant Media Server is used on SUSE, Debian, WSL, and RHLE distributions as well.


Object Recognition with TensorFlow

Ant Media Server can use a trained deep learning model to recognize objects in the live streams. This is a CPU-intensive process so if you enable this feature, the server's CPU consumption will increase.

Meanwhile, users can use any deep models to execute the live streams on the fly.


There is a user community available. You can ask or answer questions by joining the community at GitHub Discussions

You can also ask your questions in Discussions Q&A

Case Studies

You can find different case studies here to see where and how Ant Media Server can help your business to grow.

Blog posts

There are hundreds of blog posts written by the Ant Media team to provide guidance for the use of the Ant Media Server and you can find them here


For more information and blog posts visit