Scalable, Ultra Low Latency &
Adaptive WebRTC Streaming

With an end-to-end latency of ~0.5 seconds,
Ant Media Server supports WebRTC, CMAF, HLS, RTMP, RTSP
and more for your critical business streaming needs.

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Ant Media Server is a streaming engine software that provides adaptive, ultra low latency streaming by using WebRTC technology with ~0.5 seconds latency. Ant Media Server is highly scalable both horizontally and vertically. It can run on-premise or on-cloud.

ant media server has been named as Top live streaming solution
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They build their streaming infrastructure with Ant Media Server

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The most advanced live streaming platform

Ant Media's real-time streaming engine provide worldwide scalability.
Our platform offers a robust and fully customizable environment to build your next live streaming product quickly.

Ultra Low Latency WebRTC Streaming

Increase interaction and experience real-time video streaming. Ant Media Server WebRTC Streaming Solutions provide less than 0.5 seconds latency.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Reach a broader audience with Adaptive Bitare Streaming. Adaptive Bitrate makes it possible to play real-time streams on every screen at any internet speed.

Highly Scalable WebRTC Streaming on Clusters

Scale number of publishers and viewers easily with auto-scale cluster. AMS supports millions of viewers and streams under 0.5 seconds of latency.

Free Live Streaming SDKs for iOS, Android, Unity and JavaScript

Build your own Video Streaming Application with Ant Media Server SDKs for iOS, Android, Unity and JavaScript.

Live Video Monitoring and Surveillance

Embed IP camera streams into websites and mobile apps to broadcast video.
AMS is compatible with ONVIF IP cameras with PTZ and Auto Discovery Features.

Open Source Live Streaming Software

Get Community Edition on GitHub.
Ant Media Server is a completely open source WebRTC streaming server to support developers and streaming ecosystem.


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Self-Hosted Solution (Licenses)

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Community Edition License

  • 8-12 seconds End-to-End Latency
  • RTMP & WebRTC Ingesting
  • RTSP & RTMP & HLS Pulling
  • HLS & MP4 Live Playing
  • MP4 Live Recording
  • VoD & IP Camera Support
  • Support: Community
Star Ant Media Server on GitHub and get a chance to win an Enterprise Annual License

Enterprise Edition License

  • 0.5 seconds End-to-End Latency
  • Cluster Support for Scaling
  • Adaptive Bitrate
  • Hardware Encoding(GPU Support)
  • RTMP & WebRTC Ingesting
  • WebRTC & HLS & RTMP Playing
  • Support: Community & Email
  • Free Android & iOS SDKs
  • Get a Trial License

Perpetual License

  • 0.5 seconds End-to-End Latency
  • Cluster Support for Scaling
  • Adaptive Bitrate
  • Hardware Encoding(GPU Support)
  • RTMP & WebRTC Ingesting
  • WebRTC & HLS & RTMP Playing
  • Support: Community & Email
  • Free Android & iOS SDKs
  • $299 Annual release upgrade fee(1st year Free)
  • Get a Trial License

Enterprise Cluster License

  • Cluster License helps you run multiple Ant Media Server Enterprise instances with a Single License Key.
  • Includes All Enterprise Edition Features.

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Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers have to say

A media server that can scale and support todays platform needs

We used multiple media servers and streaming servers to complement our SaaS product with real-time multi-party video conferencing. There are api based solutions that are not cost-effective...Read More at a larger scale and we had to choose an OnPrem version that we could effectively manage costs with. While many open source/ commercial systems are out there and all of them claim to be scalable, real-time and having easy API's we had to iterate through 3 production-grade implementations before we finally ended up with Ant Media server. The key things we liked were
- Easy scalability with a sensible dashboard/ UI
- AWS deployment was quick and easy, very little operations overhead to manage
- Great support both paid and unpaid Mostly, the platform is reliable! it works even for 1000's of concurrent users.Read Less

- Chandika Jayasundara

Best media server in the market

Simply robust and straightforward to setup. A super responsive team from Ant media (shoutout to Ahmet). Literally cut down development times by 95% and is full of features. Read More Writing this review after over a year of production usage. Would strongly recommend anyone who plans to either use Webrtc publishing with Werbtc or HLS playback, no matter the platform, Android, iOS or browser. Read Less

- Sushruth Sivaramakrishnan

The best media server for WebRTC and HLS/DASH

Ant Media Server (AMS) powers our digital event platform, Meetever, by providing reliable WebRTC and HLS streams. Read More It can be easily integrated in our API workflow (via Webhooks, REST API with JWT Auth) so it works tightly together with our services. Read Less

- Christoph Schramm

The planet's No # 1 Live streaming engine software

No doubt, Ant Media server is the No #1 streaming engine ever built on the planet. I really love the performance, speed and support system of Ant Media Server. Read More I would like to rate this product at 5 Star. Reasons to love this product: -Ant Media Server supports RTMP, RTSP, WebRTC and Adaptive Bitrate with scalable Ultra-Low Latency that fits our use case. -Good support and compatibility for Android and iOS devices Read Less

- Mahesh Joshi

Great Solution for Low Latency Streaming

We've been using the Ant Media AMI for almost 6 months in demanding low-latency applications and have been very satisfied with the performance of the platform. Read More The product is very reactive, professional and friendly team at Ant Media really makes for a great experience as they do their upmost to help their customers.We are trying to learn from their customer support habits! Put simply, we haven't found anything better on the market for WebRTC sub-1s latency streaming. Our product probably would not exist without Ant. Thank you! Read Less

- Maximilian Voss
CareerFairy GmbH

Best Support Team and Best Solution

We´ve not been using the Ant Media solution a long time, but long enough to know that Ant Media is the best solution on the market for applications that require low latency. Read More And we are very satisfied with the performance of the platform. Besides that, a professional and friendly team at Ant Media really makes for a great experience as they do their upmost to help their customers. Read Less

- Victor Lima
Grupo Tecnowise S.A.

Right tools and best customer support!

At my startup, we reviewed all the streaming tools in the market, and in Ant Media Server, we found everything we needed to create a complete streaming experience plus 1-1 sessions. Read More The other tools lacked features, were too expensive or were built for large streaming channels, which is not what we need as a startup. Also, we have been talking to customer support requesting extensions to our free trial since we are still in development, and they have been extremely helpful. Even the Ant Media Server pricing is adjusted to what we are willing to pay once we go to production. Read Less

- Carlos Garcia
G2 Review

Great Product

Easy to install & use. Good value for money & helpful support staff. The support team examined all my problems in detail and solved them in a very short time. Read More I have been using it for about six months and I am extremely satisfied. We are currently scaling up my project with Ant Media. Read Less

- Rachel Labate
AWS Marketplace User

Performs as advertised. Vendor support is fantastic!

We are using Ant Media Enterprise Edition 2.0 for one of our core initiatives, streaming over webRTC and able to achieve ULL quality. Read More The AntMedia team is very responsive and supportive. We highly recommend them. Read Less

- Paul Jahns
AWS Marketplace User

Great product, great support, loving it!

After searching high and low over the internet, Ant Media turn up to be the only cost efficient solution I've found that just works for my WebRTC Ultra Low Latency needs.Read More They have great API that allows me to easily integrate into my app. Best of all, I do not have to worry about the technical details of streaming. It is also very easy to monitor and setup streams using their user friendly dashboard. Their support is also worth mentioning. They will never fail to help out with your difficulties. Whenever needed, you can also book a live consultation with them. They are very friendly to talk to and they will explain in simple terms to help you gain an understanding on your inquiries. I am truly grateful to their support and will recommend this to anyone who needs it. Read Less

- Jason HEAGLE
AWS Marketplace User

Ant Media’s support was very responsive and saved us hours of time an energy!

We had tried for several days to set up a streaming server for our classes and seminars. This process was very technical, Read More time intensive and resulted in a system that only partially worked. Thanks to Ant Media we were able to quickly deploy a full featured streaming server for our College that works well and is easy for anyone to use. Ant Media’s support was very responsive and saved us hours of time an energy! Read Less

- Al Scheuring
IT Manager, Mellon College of Science, Carnegie Mellon University

In summary, we are very pleased with the AMS Enterprise edition.

In summary, we are very pleased with the AMS Enterprise edition and recommend that anyone looking at developing an online presentation Read More platform which requires a high quality, robust, stable, comprehensive media server technology to consider AMS for integration into their application. Read Less

- Peter Norman

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