Education Support Program

Ant Media helps universities and schools to continue their education and improve their methods with secure live streaming solutions.

Ant Media has delivered education to thousands of people who cannot go to school with distance education instead of formal education, which stopped completely with the pandemic.

In this process, we provided software support to various official educational institutions such as universities, K-12 schools. However, we want to be able to support the education of more people.

That's why we started the Ant Media For Education support program. With this program, we will provide technology support to educational institutions that need live streaming software.

How to Apply to Ant Media For Education?

Only official educational institutions can apply to this program. It is mandatory to apply with official email addresses such as .k12 and .edu.

We know how important education is for the future. We will always work to deliver uninterrupted education all over the world.


Apply to Ant Media For Education Program