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Product of the Month


DirectAI allows anyone to create and deploy computer vision models in seconds, without training data or code. DirectAI is built on top of Vision Language Models (VLMs) that have already been trained on billions of image-caption pairs. This enables the creation (and even modification) of models without any image data.


Circle is a video conference application which includes the frontend, all APIs and user interface to build large-scale, ultra-low latency video, audio conferencing

DirectAI developed computer vision to let users build and deploy livestream computer vision models by defining their classes with plain language. No labeling or training data required.


Private cloud camera solution. CamOS stores data from new cameras securely in the cloud, making it easy to access. The integration with various cameras and recorders...

RTC Studio

It is a revolutionary OBS extension by RTC League, seamlessly integrates WebRTC with OBS, offering unparalleled low latency...


TunaDesk is a cross-platform, open source remote desktop control tool that enables easy and secure access to remote computers via web browsers, ensuring complete privacy.

Ant Assist

A WordPress plugin for Ant Media Server. Ant Assist is a cutting-edge video chat support plugin that bridges the gap between customers and support executives.

Stamp Plugin

Stamp for Ant Media Server is a commercial plugin that can dynamically add video overlays to live streams based on instructions received on its REST API.


Medicant is a real-time telemedicine application with artificial intelligence integration to help with remote diagnosis. Doctors can use predefined or custom protocols to do each remote...

Zixi Plugin

It can connect and pull the stream from ZixiBroadcaster to Ant Media Server so that you can watch the stream with WebRTC/HLS/DASH etc. on Ant Media Server...

Filter Plugin

Filter Plugin lets you add filters on the ongoing streams by using REST API and this plugin contains MCU implementation. This plugin is deployed in the Ant Media Server Enterprise version.


Webinar Pro is a cutting-edge application designed to revolutionize the way you connect and engage with your audience through virtual events.

Media Push Plugin

Media Push Plugin allows you to open any website of your choice and immediately begin live streaming the entire page, including its audio.

Bitmovin Video Analytics

Increase viewer engagement and retention through actionable data collected across a variety of video players, not exclusive to the Bitmovin Player

Custom Development

Multimedia software development company. They create software for e-learning, telemedicine, video surveillance, video conferencing

Custom Development

Orangesoft is a mobile & web app development company that can deliver highly productive and cost-effective applications across various domains.

Online Auction Software

A web solution for the art auction house and auctioneers with many possibilities such as pre-bids, telephone bids, live auction, post-sale, open sale, online only and timed auctions.

Duet Master

Play digital piano with other people using WebRTC Peer Connection and Data Channel.

Remote Trader

Streaming app for stock and crypto exchange data. Traders can make better decisions using real-time insights, thanks to the app's smart bots.

Video Streaming Platform

Streamninja is a streaming platform that provides ready-to-use services for high-quality, reliable, and ultra-low latency streaming.

GST-Ant Fusion

Integrate Gstreamer with Ant Media Server to extends the server capabilities by providing RTSP, RTMP and RTP Egress/Output Capability.