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Bitmovin Video Analytics

Optimize every play in real-time with Online Video Analytics

About Bitmovin Video Analytics

Increase viewer engagement and retention through actionable data collected across a variety of video players, not exclusive to the Bitmovin Player. Fix playback issues before they impact your viewers and optimize for the best experience, always.

  • Reduce the cost of playback errors
    Solve playback issues faster by analyzing user session data. Quickly find and debug error sessions to fix issues. Calculate the cost of streaming errors and see how much you could save.

  • Error debugging tools for video developers
    See the highest impact errors, and find commonalities across devices, player versions & stream types. See player event logs & network-level requests/responses to find the root cause of streaming issues.

  • Integrate with your workflow
    Analytics fits seamlessly into your data architecture. Use APIs and full data exports to access data, store data in central data repositories and for custom analysis.

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Collect data from every device