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Docker and Docker Compose Installation


1. Download Dockerfile

wget -O Dockerfile

2. Build Docker Image

You can perform the build process by entering your license key or having the zip file.

  1. Enter a license key as an argument as follows, then will start the build process.
docker build --network=host -t antmediaserver --build-arg LicenseKey=<Your_License_Key> .
  1. Download and save Ant Media Server ZIP file in the same directory with Dockerfile. Then run the docker build command from command line
docker build --network=host -t antmediaserver --build-arg AntMediaServer=<Replace_With_Ant_Media_Server_Zip_File> .

3. Run the Docker Container

Now we have a docker container with Ant Media Server. Run the image.

docker run -d --name antmedia --network=host -it antmediaserver

Optional: If you would like to use persistent volume, you can use it as follows. In this way, volume keeps even if your container is destroyed.

docker volume create antmedia_volume
docker run -d --name antmedia --mount source=antmedia_volume,target=/usr/local/antmedia/ --network=host -it antmediaserver

Docker Compose

1. Download docker-compose and Dockerfile files

wget -O Dockerfile

2. Build Docker Image

docker-compose build --build-arg AntMediaServer=<Replace_With_Ant_Media_Server_Zip_File>

4. Run the Docker Compose file

docker-compose up -d

Optional: If you would like to mount an existing volume, simply change the lines below and uncomment it.


- antmedia_vol:/usr/local/antmedia/



external: true