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WebRTC Playback

WebRTC playback is only available in Ant Media Server Enterprise Edition (EE).

Note: For WebRTC playing, please ensure that UDP ports 50000-60000 are open on your server's firewall.

If client is behind a corporate firewall or have network restrictions, you can utilize TURN server to redirect WebRTC traffic. More details can be found here.

Before playing a stream with WebRTC, make sure that stream is broadcasting on the server.

Quick Link: Learn How to Publish with WebRTC

  1. Visit https://AMS_domain_name:5443/WebRTCAppEE/player.html. If you're running Ant Media Server in your local computer, you can also visit http://localhost:5080/WebRTCAppEE/player.html
  2. Write the stream id in text box( stream1 by default)

  1. Press Start Playing button. After you press the button, WebRTC stream starts playing

    You can also use the URL format listed below to play the WebRTC stream using the Ant Media Server Embedded web player (play.html):


Check Embedded Web Player document for more information.

Congrats. You're playing with WebRTC. Please check the latency.