Circle: Online Video Conferencing(Free)

Circle is a ready-to-use open-source, online video conferencing application that can be deployed on-prem, private or public cloud. If you are concerned about Privacy or being behind a firewall, this is the best solution for you. 


  • Unlock the Number of Attendees: Thanks to the Scalability of Ant Media Server. The Circle is built to scale the number of attendees. 
  • Easy to Use:  Just let your attendees join the video call with their favorite web browsers
  • Privacy: Deploy it into your private/public cloud or on-prem. Make sure your live video conference yours and it cannot be watched by anyone in the cloud.
  • Distribute Live to Your Large Audience: Distribute your video call to tens of thousands of viewers as a single video through CDN, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Record : Record your video conference to watch it later or for archiving.

Getting Started


  1. Make your Ant Media Server Enterprise Edition up and running. Purchase Now or Free Trial
  2. Download the latest Circle from Github (Download the file with war extension)
  3. Login to your Ant Media Server management panel.
  4. On the panel, click the “New Application” button as shown below
  1. Name your own conference application. Let’s say it “circle”
  2. Simply click the “Choose File” button and browse the war file you downloaded. Hit the upload button. The latest status should look like below.
  1. Hit, Create button. It will be deployed automatically to your server as shown below

How to Use

  1. Visit the Circle with your web browser, for the sample below it should like something “https://AMS_ADDRESS:5443/circle”
  2. Name your room as shown below and Join the Room
  1. Let your friends join the call by sharing your link
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