Self-hosted video conferencing for your business

About Circle

Circle is a self-hosted business video conferencing software solution, that can be deployed anywhere, locally or in the cloud. Circle is an open-source project offered by Ant Media. It offers the highest quality with the lowest latency, and it can accommodate up to 200 participants. If you are concerned about Privacy or being behind a firewall, this is the best solution for you. 


Your business can host its own video conferencing software.

  • Offers the highest quality with the lowest Latency, up to 200 participants on a single server
    Circle supports Full HD video conferencing (up to 1080p) and Opus code for audio calling. It also works with WebRTC for the highest quality and sub-second (0.5 seconds) latency. Supports up to 200 online participants for a single server, much higher for clustered services.
  • All you need for a video conference
    Interact with your community through your software, and enjoy complete meeting solutions including sharing either your full desktop screen or individual applications both for mobile and desktop. You may group chat while video conferencing, by sending messages to all participants in the session. Top of all features, Privacy is plus.
  • Whitelabel, Ready for Enterprise Usage
    Host it to your custom domain as it’s your product. Meets GDRP requirements for data processors and is compliant with HIPAA easily as you deploy on-premises. SMEs are already using it, and it’s battle-tested now. Hence, it’s ready to use for Enterprises. And so, are you ready to sell Circle to your partners?

Getting Started

Before Starting:

You need to have an active Ant Media Server(AMS) license. You can subscribe through AWS and deploy AMS with just one click. Or directly subscribe to self-hosted license on our website.


  • Download the latest war file of Circle video conferencing software. 
  • Login to your Ant Media Server management panel.
  • At the panel, click the “New Application” button. 
  • Simply, click the “Choose File” button and browse the war file you downloaded. Hit the upload button.
  • Name your own conference application.
  • Hit, Create button. And, that’s all. That simple.

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  • Visit:
    • "https:///"
  • Click “Create Meeting”
  • Send the meeting link to participants


Our engineers are available for you. Please if you need technical support or help. If we need more dedicated support, we offer support packages.

For contributions and more details, check out our GitHub repository


Self-hosted video conferencing for your business