Remote Trader

Cyrpto or Stock Traders with Bots

Remote Trader

RemoteTrader is a streaming app for stock or crypto exchange data with the opportunity to add rule-based or AI-driven bots.

Main Features:

  • Wallet Tracking
  • Visualization of bot decisions
  • Manuel Trading
  • Candlestick Graph
  • Indentifying Candlestick Patterns
  • Summarizing Market Data

Getting Started

Before Starting:
You need to have an active Ant Media Server(AMS) license. You can subscribe through AWS and deploy AMS with just one click. Or directly subscribe to self-hosted license on our website.

View of the streamed UI is possible with AMS Community License as well. To send commands for your bot directly you need an AMS Enterprise License.

RemoteTrader is an app that can help you to visualize exchange and trader bot data. It does not make any decisions. Since trading is a time-intensive task where latency is crucial, you should make your decision based on your real-time data and not on the visualized one. Remember, trading can be addictive and you can lose real money.

For deeply using the features of RemoteTrader, you should have access to any exchange data and trader bot data as well. Getting these data via API may need registration for those services.


  • RemoteTrader is accessible as a downloadable web application, you can install it to AMS through the AMS UI directly.

    Step-By-Step installation:

    – Download Remote Trader from

    – Create a new web application on your AMS server from the remotetrader.war file.

    – Run the application

There are a lot of settings possibilities in RemoteTrader. To have a detailed overview please consult the documentation or the settings page of the UI, accessible through the settings icon in the top right corner.

You can change stock data source, bot communication, access to your wallet, manual trading options and candlestick pattern recognition.

RemoteTrader works with data that comes via API. If you want to switch any of the data sources, first of all you should establish a new API connection or get access to an existing one.


The application works API data that contains the following data points:

candlestick patterns:

– open – high – low – close

trading data:

– timestamp – volume – price

bot data:

– decision [buy, hold, sell] – price – volume – timestamp

wallet data:

– asset id or asset name – volume – price in USD


You can get support from different sources. Our team is open to help you with your question connected to the application itself. Please contact us in our contact options listed on the github page of the project.

In case you have any questions with trader bots, please ask support from the official website of your application. Always stick to the official channels, since that is the only way to get real help for your problems.

Since trading can be addictive, if you feel it has negative effects on your life or on your environment, please consult with a psychiatrist, a doctor or a specialist. If you feel your friend or family member is affected, you should consult a specialist too to get help.

If you have questions about exchanges or trading platforms, contact them via their official website and contact info.

Scammers can be anywhere, not just IRL but in the crypto world as well. If you feel or suspect you are a victim of fraud, please call your Local Police Station or a Local Law Enforcement Authority.


Cyrpto or Stock Traders with Bots