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All-in-one service: built on top-up CDN technology, we offer Live Streaming, Video Streaming, Video Encoding, Simulcasting, Web Acceleration, DNS, and Cloud Storage and more on as little as 2.5 cents for a GB. Choose 5centsCDN for Affordable pricing, enterprise level access at low costs and faster deployments

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Solution description

5centsCDN provides advanced solutions for all your content delivery needs across the globe. We are based in Canada & US servicing more than 400+ prestigious clients from US to Japan with a network capacity of 65+ TBPS. Our core products are built on top of CDN such as Web Acceleration, Live Streaming, Video Streaming, Cloud Storage, DNS and more.

5centsCDN offers a state-of-the-art content delivery network with affordable plans and unlimited useful features comprising modern server infrastructure utilized in data centers across the globe, bandwidth price starting from 2.5 cents per GB!

Solution Details

5centsCDN is dedicated to providing A-grade services with their bandwidth pricing starting from 5 cents per GB. To apt-in, the clients don’t have to make any commitments, sign any contracts, or pay for the setup. Currently, we are proudly serving 2000+ clients that consist of OTT, IPTV, AD agencies, Gamers, GOVT agencies, NGOs, and major TV channels.

Our customers get access to 1150+ PoPs located across the globe within our multi-CDN network.

A game-changing content delivery network, Only at 2.5 cents per GB. No commitment, no contracts, low setup fee. Easy as it must be.

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