THEOplayer makes it easy for developers to deliver cutting-edge video, efficiently and on any device. THEOplayer is the #1 video player on the market, used by many of the leading media and entertainment companies worldwide. It delivers high-quality video playback across any device or platform, with an extensive feature set and +200 out-of-the-box integrations for DRM, analytics, ad insertion, etc.

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Premium video playback across devices

Superior playback performance across all platforms, whether your viewers use web, mobile, set-top boxes, casting devices, Smart TVs or gaming consoles.

Low latency live streaming

As the leader in low latency video playback, THEOplayer supports low latency industry standards LL-DASH, LL-HLS and HESP.

Optimized video streaming for smart TVs

We support the newest and all legacy Smart and Connected TV platforms. And we’ve optimized ad insertion on smart TVs: go from clear to protected content, without black screens!

System Integration

THEOplayer integrates with all the major parts of your video solution stack. Whichever DRM, Analytics, Advertisement, CMS or additional solutions your team uses, we seamlessly integrate to keep you focused on what matters.

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