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Zero Upfront Cost

You don’t need to pay anything in advance. Just Get Started and only pay what you use. You’ll have Ant Media Server, SDKs, and everything by signing up with zero upfront cost

100 Hours Free, Every Month

If you’re using Ant Media Server for just a small amount of hours or you’re using the server for just Development. It’s the correct license model for you.

Scale-out and Scale-in Freely

For a real-time streaming project, one of the hardest steps is estimating the server requirements before the project goes live. This licensing model eliminates this requirement altogether. You can just start streaming and scale your streaming platform according to your user traffic.

Step Pricing – Automatic Discount

The hours used will be summed up across every instance you are running. So if you have 1 instance running 24/7 and you started up 1 more instance for 8 hours per day, your total hours of server uptime will be 720+240=960

0 – 100 Hours Free
100 – 1K Hours (Next 900 Hours) $0.24 per hour/instance
1K – 5K Hours (Next 4K Hours) $0.19 per hour/instance
5K – 20K Hours (Next 15K Hours) $0.15 per hour/instance
20K – 50K Hours (Next 30K Hours) $0.11 per hour/instance
50K – 100K Hours (Next 50K Hours) $0.09 per hour/instance

Check Your Usage

Check your usage at:

You can also mix and match your licenses. You can use the monthly license for the 24/7 server and use the Pay as you Go License for the scalable part of your streaming cluster. You can scale your streaming cluster up and down as much as you want.

How to Get Started

  1. Add the Pay-As-You-Go license to your cart by Click the Button Below
  2. Checkout and pay $1 (one-time sign-up fee).
  3. Use your license as much or as little as you want (this is the best part).
  4. At the end of your first month, we will send you an invoice for the month.
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