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Watch and Monitor IP Cameras with Ultra Low Latency on Web Browser

Web browser compatible IP camera streaming solution

Getting tired of incompatibility(RTSP) of IP Cameras with web browsers? Then the solution is making the IP Camera web browser compatible with Ant Media Server. You can embed ONVIF IP camera streams into your websites and mobile applications.
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Best WebRTC media server in the market. Simply robust and straightforward to setup. A super responsive team from Ant media.
Sushruth Sivaramakrishnan Pubninja
ip Camera streaming software
ip camera streaming

Play IP camera on any web browsers

Monitor your ONVIF IP Cameras with ultra-low latency on your web browser. No need to install any custom software. You can watch the IP Camera with ultra-low latency and utilize PTZ(Pan, Tilt, Zoom) functions of the ONVIF interface.
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Ant Media Server (AMS) powers our digital event platform, Meetever, by providing reliable WebRTC and HLS streams.
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Christoph Schramm Meetever

7/24 camera recording

You can record your IP Camera stream on 7/24. Access, view, and manage your recordings at any time via Dashboard views and controls with Ant Media’s IP Camera streaming solution.
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Great, easy to use, excellent performance and fast support.
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Öztürk G G2 Review
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Ant media server ip camera solutions

Easy integration for Your IP camera streaming project

With powerful REST and JavaScript API, you can do anything on Ant Media Server programmatically. If you need integration for your IP camera streaming application, REST and JavaScript API make it easy for you. In addition, there are native Android, iOS, Flutter, React Native, and Unity WebRTC SDKs as well for your mobile applications.

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Really fast to get up and running, awesome features and support from the guys at ANT Media are next level. We have faced many challenges in our journey and they have helped us overcome every obstacle that we have faced.
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Francois Du T G2 Review

Ready for object detection(or anything) with deep models

Ant Media Server has a built-in third party(TensorFlow) object detection deep model and it can instantly detect objects on the camera. Fortunately, you can integrate any deep model with Ant Media Server and get the result on a web panel or REST API.
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Performs as advertised. Vendor support is fantastic! We are using Ant Media Enterprise Edition 2.0 for one of our core initiatives, streaming over webRTC and able to achieve ULL quality.
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Paul Jahns AWS Marketplace User
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