Scalable Ultra Low Latency
Streaming for
Your Live Game Show


Scale Number of Viewers As Much As You Need

Live Video Experience has a significant role in Live Game Shows’ success. It must be scalable, low latency, and adaptive.

Multi-Level Scalable Streaming

Live Game Show Multi-Level Scalable Streaming

In order to efficiently handle the viewers load and reduce the cost, Live Game Show streaming solutions should be scalable which means server instances work as a cluster to handle the
load. With Multi-level scalable streaming, you can increase the number of viewers
as much as you need with Ant Media Server.

Interaction needs Ultra Low Latency Streaming

Interaction needs Ultra Low Latency Streaming Live Game Streaming

Latency is a critical factor in Live Game Shows. If latency is high, there will
be problems in user interactions.
The lower the latency, the better the user experience. Ant Media Server provides 0.5s end-to-end latency in WebRTC.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming: Playable in all Internet Speeds

Game streaming with Adaptive bitrate

The Internet speed of your audience may vary from a few hundred Kbps to Mbps.
Providing the best quality according to internet speed increases user experience. Don’t force all your audience to watch the same quality of the video. Ant Media Server lets your viewers watch the best quality according to their internet speed(3G, 4G, Wi-Fi) with its Adaptive Bitrate Streaming feature.

Launch fast with SDKs

Launch fast with SDKs

With native Android, iOS WebRTC SDKs, you can develop your application and launch
your product fast. Ant Media provides Android & iOS native SDKs for WebRTC publishing and playing.