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Live Shopping

Give your users a better experience and increased interaction with Ant Media Server

Provide an unique shopping experience to your customers

The biggest benefit of live shopping is that it gives the audience a live communication & shopping experience. Ant Media Server provides 0.5 second end-to-end streaming latency for your live shopping sessions through WebRTC.

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Best WebRTC media server in the market. Simply robust and straightforward to setup. A super responsive team from Ant media.


Sushruth Sivaramakrishnan Pubninja

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Provide the best user experience to your customers with adaptive bitrate streaming

Give your customers an excellent live streaming experience according to their internet speed. Ant Media Server provides adaptive bitrate streaming which provides the best quality according to the internet speed of your customers.

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Ant Media Server (AMS) powers our digital event platform, Meetever, by providing reliable WebRTC and HLS streams.
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Christoph Schramm Meetever

Use chat integration for your platform

Chat channels are an indispensable part of live shopping sessions. Ant Media Server supports instant messaging & chat channels with an easy way to use.

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Great, easy to use, excellent performance and fast support.
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Advanced Stream Security

You can enable various stream security options: Enable/Disable Accepting Undefined Streams, One Time Token Control, Cors Filter, Hash-Based Token, JWT Stream Security Filter and much more…

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Really fast to get up and running, awesome features and support from the guys at ANT Media are next level. We have faced many challenges in our journey and they have helped us overcome every obstacle that we have faced.
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