Mobile Streaming Application Solutions 1

Easy to Integrate and Scalable
Streaming Infrastructure Solutions
for your Mobile Application Project


Everything is Ready for Development

Time is important for you? With Ant Media SDKs and APIs, you can develop your application and launch your product fast.

Easy to Integrate for Mobile Development

Do you need SDK and API Infrastructure? You can build fast ve stable streaming applications with Ant Media API’s and SDK’s.
Easy to Integrate for Mobile Development

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming for all Internet Speeds

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming for all Internet Speeds
Adaptive Bitrate is important for the different internet speed for the viewers.
Ant Media Server provides Adaptive Bitrate Streaming which provides the best quality according to internet speed of your audience.

Faster & Stable Streaming with CDN

Your viewers may around the globe so that CDN(Content Distribution Network) provides great user experience for all of your users. Ant Media Server supports CDN infrastructure with HLS Streaming.
Provide Viewers near Real-Time with CDN

Mobile & Desktop Browser Compatible

Browser & Mobile Compabatible
Best user experience comes with compatibility. Ant Media Server is compatible with mobile desktop browsers as well. You can use HTML5 players(Flowplayer, Videojs, etc.) who support HLS Streaming. In addition, ultra low latency streaming player is also compatible with mobile & desktop browsers.

Ultra Low Latency Scalable Streaming

You’re having lots of publishers and players? Ant Media Server is horizontally and vertically scalable for having tens of thousands of audience in real time.
Scalable Streaming for your Viewers & Publishers