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Integrate Zixi SDK to Ant Media Server

About Zixi Plugin

ZixiPlugin is the tight integration of Zixi SDK to Ant Media Server.


  • ZixiClient
    It can connect and pulls the stream from ZixiBroadcaster to Ant Media Server so that you can watch the stream with WebRTC/HLS/DASH etc. on Ant Media Server. In other words, any stream in ZixiBroadcaster can be available in Ant Media Server
  • ZixiFeeder
    It can push the stream in Ant Media Server to ZixiBroadcaster so that any stream ingested by WebRTC, RTSP, RTMP, SRT, etc. in Ant Media Server can be available in ZixiBroadcaster
  • REST Methods
    You can control everything through REST Methods. REST Methods will be available for each application in the Ant Media Server. For all methods, please take a look at the

Get Started Instructions

Pre-request: install Ant Media Server Enterprise Edition in your instance. ZixiPlugin is compatible with Ant Media Server 2.5.2 and later versions. Current zixi-plugin.jar is x86_64 compatible.


  1. Download the pre-built zixi-plugin.jar file
  1. Copy the zixi-plugin.jar file to plugins directory under /usr/local/antmedia
sudo cp zixi-plugin.jar /usr/local/antmedia/plugins
  1. Restart the service
sudo service antmedia restart

2. Install your ZixiBroadcast to your instance. Please reach out to Zixi to have ZixiBroadcaster and instructions.

3. Start a ZixiClient by following the instructions Github Repository.


Integrate Zixi SDK to Ant Media Server