How it works


All you need to do is to enter 2 values:

  • the number of streamers,
  • the number of viewers.


This tool will generate a complex auto-scalable real-time streaming service infractucture on AWS.


You need to go to the AWS console to finish the set up in a few clicks.


Your autoscalable streaming service is ready to be used!

Check out this step-by-step tutorial or watch a demonstration on Youtube for more details.

Why should you use this Wizard?

5-min setup The fastest way to create a high-capacity video streaming service on AWS

Autoscaling solution AWS Streaming Service Wizard challenges a popular misconception that a WebRTC solution at scale can’t be built in an automatic way. Your streaming service will spring into action, dynamically adapting to varying loads. Regardless of the viewer count, your streaming service will expand or downscale to meet your performance needs. See for yourself what happened when we loaded a service like this built for 10 000 viewers with 11 000 viewers during one of our latest webinars.

Cost-effective solution Pay for what you use only

Fully customizable solution Every asset is at your fingertips with this setup. You can tweak, halt, restart, or even delete the entire streaming service with a single click.