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Plugins for Ant Media Server

Community as well as our team contributed Ant Media with some plugins as listed below that can be used with the Ant Media Server. You may extend Ant Media Server as we tried with plugins, you may refer and inspire from the referenced repositories.

Filter Plugin

Ant Media Server has been released with a built-in filtering plugin since v2.4.0.2. The Filter Plugin lets you perform real-time audio and video manipulation on the server side. The MCU, which allows you to combine video and audio into a single stream for a conference room, is the main application of the filter plugin. You may read more in this blog post.

To change the MCU layout or build the filter plugin, please check here.

For more examples of real-time audio and video manipulation, check out this blog post.

TensorFlow Plugin

The Tensorflow plugin project is for detecting and recognizing objects in a stream. To build and deploy the TensorFlow plugin, check here.

Zixi Plugin

The Zixi Broadcaster is the central component of the Zixi Video Network. It accepts video streams from the Zixi Feeder and processes them, allowing transcoding, transmuxing, recording, and distribution to any device, anywhere, in multiple bit rates and protocols.

For more details about the deployment and use of Zixi Broadcaster with the Ant Media Plugin, check here.

Know More about recent plugins developed, kindly visit Ant Media Marketplace.