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A video playlist is a curated collection of videos arranged in a specific order for sequential playback. It functions similarly to a music playlist but consists of video content instead. Video playlists are commonly used on platforms like YouTube and other video streaming services.

The different sections of this guide describe how to create and stream a playlist using the Ant Media Server. The playlist feature is available in both the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition of Ant Media Server.


What is Linear Live Streaming?

Linear live streaming, also known as pre-recorded live streaming or VoD streaming, is a method where a prerecorded video is broadcasted to give the illusion of a live stream.

This technique is widely employed, involving the recording of a video that mimics a live event. The recorded video is then scheduled for broadcast, creating the appearance of real-time streaming.

It's often utilized to maintain a continuous 24/7 live presence on various social platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, and other social media channels.

Linear live streams consist of scheduled programs with specific start and end times. Additionally, they offer synchronized viewing experiences where all viewers watch the same content simultaneously. This ensures that viewers avoid spoilers before watching.

Live linear streaming provides a "passive" viewing experience, where viewers don't actively search and click for content (except when changing the program). Instead, the content is delivered to them in a manner similar to that of traditional TV channels. While viewers can switch channels, they aren't required to select individual videos as they would with a playlist.

Now you will learn how to create a playlist.