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Creating a playlist

It is very simple to create a playlist from the Ant Media Server dashboard by following a set of steps. So let's get started 🙂

VoD files

In order to create a playlist, we need to have a set of VoD files that will be used as playlist items. Therefore, as the first step, we will upload some VoD files to the Ant Media Server.

Login to your Ant Media Server Dashboard

Login to your Ant Media Server Web Panel/dashboard. The url is like this: https://YOUR_ANT_MEDIA_SERVER:5443/


Accessing the Application

  • Navigate to your preferred application from the left side. For this demonstration, we are using the LiveApp application.
  • Once you are in the LiveApp application, go to the VoD section.


Uploading the VoD files

Using Web Panel

Now we can upload the VoD files that we want to stream with the playlist.

  • Click on Upload VoD tab and then click on Choose File to select the files you want to upload. For this demonstration, I will upload three VoD files.



Furthermore, uploading MP4 files to your Ant Media Server is optional. Ant Media Server can retrieve MP4 files from any location. You simply need to ensure that the file URL is accessible to AMS.


You can upload MP4 files to Ant Media Server using the REST API with the following API call:

curl -X POST -F "file=@<YOUR-FILE-PATH>;type=video/*" https://AMS_URL:5443/APP-NAME/rest/v2/vods/create?name=YOUR-FILE-NAME.mp4

Here is the curl sample:

curl -X POST -F "file=@test.mp4;type=video/*" http://localhost:5080/WebRTCAppEE/rest/v2/vods/create?name=test.mp4

The uploaded file will be located in antmedia/webapps/APP-NAME/streams directory. MP4 file name will be changed to a random VOD ID, which you can find in the VOD section of the web panel application page.

You can use the Get VOD list rest API call to get the VOD file list from the database.

You can access the uploaded VOD file through the below URL format:




Creating the Playlist

Now that we have the VoD files ready, we will create the playlist with these VoD files as the playlist items.

Get the VoD URL

  • The sample path of a VoD file is like http(s)://ams-server-urlPort/LiveApp/streams/vod_id.mp4
  • In order to get the VOD URL, click on the hamburger icon, which is located at the right side of the screen and then click Copy VoD URL


  • Now we have the VoDs accessible through the below links

Let's create the Playlist

  • Go to Live Streams section, and click on New Live Stream and then select Playlist from the drop-down menu.


  • Name your playlist, click on Add Playlist Item, add all the playlist items and then click Create.
  • The stream Id field is not mandatory but you can put your own streamId.


  • The playlist is created and it is offline by default.

  • Click on the Start Broadcast to start streaming of the playlist.


  • Congratulations! The playlist is successfully created and running.


Optimizing Playlist for Better Playback Experience

Now that we have learned how to create a playlist, let's make some configurations to optimize the playlist for a better playback experience.

  • Go to the Settings section of the application and scroll down.


  • Uncheck the Delete HLS files after the stream is finished as this setting will preserve the HLS files after the stream has ended.


  • Scroll to the bottom and Click Save button to save the changes.

  • Scroll to the top and choose the settings mode from Basic to Advanced


  • Find hlsflags and change its value to delete_segments+append_list+omit_endlist


  • Save the changes and start/restart the playlist to apply the changes.