Play piano with others and make duets

About DuetMaster

DuetMaster is an online space where you can play piano with other people. You can make duets with your friends or other DuetMaster users. You can even use DuetMaster to learn how to play piano. Also, you can connect your existing digital keyboard to it easily. DuetMaster supports midi protocols.

Getting Started

Before starting:

You need to have an active Ant Media Server(AMS) license. Also, you can subscribe from different cloud providers’ marketplaces. If you get your Ant Media Server(AMS) license from Ant Media Server’s website, you need to install it on your server manually.


  • Purchase DuetMaster through Ant Media Marketplace
  • Login to your Ant Media Server Management Panel.
  • Click the “New Application” button.
  • Give a name to the application.
  • Choose Duet Master’s war file using the “Choose File” button and click create button.
  • Duet Master is ready.

You can also watch a video guide to learn how to deploy and use Duet Master. 


  • Go to:  
    • https:///?room=
  • Share the same link with your friends. 
  • As soon as 2 people connect the room, the meeting will be started.


This project is completely open source. If you have some issues or need help, you can create an issue from the Duet Master repository. Any pull request is welcome. If you need some custom development, contact us at mail address.


Play piano with others and make duets