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The new Ant Media Partner Program expands benefits and introduces new partnership types globally, enhancing the footprints of Ant Media Server throughout the world.

The Ant Media Partner Program is the next step in Ant Media’s channel strategy and builds upon our early success with our valued partners. With the revised program and increased benefits, we are not fully committed to the channel and have structured our partner program to reflect the value we place on our partners’ contributions. 

We’re committing significant resources to support partner growth in 2022 and beyond, to ensure that our joint customers are well adapted and successful.

Ant Media's partner success program

Ant Media’s Partner Program consists of 3 tiers: 

  • Technology Alliance: The Ant Technology Alliance Partner (ATAP) program is the start of the Ant Media journey for software and hardware vendors and development companies. The ATAP program enables hardware and software vendors with the tools and resources they need to build and deliver their solutions on the Ant Media platform.
  • Solution: Ant Media’s powerful and scalable platform combined with our Solution Partner Program (ASPP) enables you to gain more traction, build software on top of Ant Media and provide professional solutions and services to your customers, helping them achieve a long-term, successful business relationship with you.
  • Cloud and Marketplace: We partnered with exceptional, globally recognized companies to provide our customers with the cloud solutions they need. When you have applications that need to be hosted and maintained, our select partners provide their solutions, monitor your environment, and give strategic advice.


Our partners are fundamental to our growth at Ant Media. For this reason, we are constantly evolving our offerings, including our partnership modal. In our new partnership, we are now offering additional benefits to our partner ecosystem consisting of more than 35 companies. I am extremely excited about the way we demonstrate our commitment to the new program” says A. Oguz Mermerkaya, CEO of Ant Media. 

Developers and product managers are the main drivers behind Ant Media. We work closely with top cloud platforms, OEM partners, solution partners, and complementary companies working with a streaming video server. 

We also love working with software studios, development shops, and agencies helping other companies with streaming video. 

Whether you’re looking to acquire new customers or generate a new revenue stream with streaming solutions, our partnership program has got you covered.

Additional information about the partnership program can be found online: 


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