Experience WebRTC with Ant Media Server

These WebRTC samples let you experience different WebRTC scenarios with Ant Media Server. Play around with our WebRTC demos to understand how your stream will look like at the end. Access the source codes of each example and re-use it to build your own video streaming application from scratch.

WebRTC Samples

Engage with the showcased demonstrations to witness live examples of video and audio streaming. Visit a sample page, grant access to your camera and microphone, and observe the actual quality of your streaming experience will look like.  

We are actively expanding our collection of WebRTC examples. Do you have a specific feature or scenario you’d like to see demonstrated? Request it on our Github discussions

Create a streaming service

Did you find our WebRTC samples above impressive? Whether you’re looking to establish a streaming service or integrate high-quality streaming features into your existing products, we’ve got you covered. 

For developers:  Re-use source code for all examples above. Make sure to check out our documentation, Youtube tutorials and Github discussions.

For non-technical people:  If you don’t know how to code, please make use of our AWS Streaming Wizard.
If coding isn’t your forte, make use of our AWS Streaming Wizard. This tool is designed to help you effortlessly create a scalable streaming service. It ensures that your streaming platform automatically adjusts its infrastructure to meet growing viewer demand, guaranteeing peak performance. Similarly, it efficiently scales down during periods of reduced demand, leading to cost savings.