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We had a weekend where a lot of effort and excitement were presented and shared.

The first Real-Time Streaming Hackathon(RTSH) just ended last weekend and incredible projects were completed by amazing teams. This hackathon was just the beginning, its sequel and many more events will come. Stay tuned. 🙂 Let’s dive into this magnificent journey and learn more about 9 applications that have been developed during RTSH.

But first, I would like to talk about why we organized the Real Time Streaming Hackathon. Two of our most important internal motivations, when started building Ant Media Server, were 

  • creating an interconnected world
  • creating a streaming ecosystem where everyone wins.

Ant Media Server currently connects thousands of people from over 120 countries. This puts a beautiful smile on our faces and also motivates us to put even more beautiful smiles on the faces of our community. 🙂

Our second inner motivation was to create a streaming ecosystem where everyone wins while being the #StreamingEngineOfTheWorld. In fact, we want you to be not only a user but also a part of the Ant Media team. It is worth mentioning once again, we are open to all kinds of cooperation and ideas. 🙂

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Thanks to our hackathon journey last weekend, we have come even closer to this goal. I will give some more insights about the built applications and the winners in the rest of the article, but there is an important point that there were no losers this weekend. 

Every idea that was built on top of Ant Media Server actually won! In the future Ant Media marketplace, everyone will have a chance to monetize the products they develop. We will create an environment where streamers can find all required products for the streaming use cases. There will even be other opportunities for everyone

The Jury

Now I want to tell you about the juries.

RTSH juri

I want to thank Sriram and Robert for being with us. Another big thank you goes to AWS. In addition to our various partnerships, they also supported us in this hackathon. Looking forward to expanding our partnership with AWS.

Mini Challenges

We organized mini-challenges to make the hackathon journey even more fun. We asked participants to post selfies or photos by using the hashtag #AntMediaHack on Twitter. Photos were related to our event, and the most creative post won. Here are the winners! 🙂

3rd place Jai Saravanan and Michael G. Inso Starbuck coffee(10US$)

2nd place! Gabriel Dahl! Starbucks coffee & dessert (20US$)

And the Winner!  Balazs Jantek and Gabor Kovacs from Streamtoolbox team! Amazon gift card (50US$)

Thank you guys for all your contributions.

9 Applications were built during The Real Time Streaming Hackathon

Team Bola

Team Bola

Team Member: Mustafa Boleken (Türkiye)

Mustafa from Team Bola and also from our development team wanted to join Hackathon and created a system where people play their digital instruments together. He used the WebRTC data channel to transfer pressed buttons in real time.

Team Real Caption

team real caption

Team members:  Rahul Kumar (India)

In this new era of the online world, how many times does it happen that you are in a meeting with someone from the far end of the world and due to the language barrier we often find ourselves not able to present what we actually wanted as the language that we hear or speak is not native to us ?

To solve this issue and to remove this barrier, Rahul wanted to present a platform where people from different geographical regions can communicate easily without any language barrier.

This platform, a meeting application developed on top of Ant Media Server will capture audio input from the speaker and process it into captions as well as translate it to the language of the user’s choice with high accuracy and in real time.

Team Colony

team colony

Team members: Gabriel Dahl (United States)

Colony enables hosts to engage with their audiences in real time via polls, minigames, and more – all without leaving the stream. Engagement results and metadata can be viewed, saved, and exported.

Team Nova4

team nova4

Team members:  Artem Sarychev

The application called ChromeCastIOS allows you to play images, videos, phone screens, etc. on a Chromecast digital media player. It also provides the ability to view the screen of your phone from a PC, tablet, or other devices via a browser.

Team JSAssistant

team JSAssistant

Team members: Jai Saravanan, Akash Vijay (India)

Jail and Akash from India have built an application called  Multi-use streaming which is a customized app where the duration of the student attending the class can be reported to the admin so that it is very useful for tracking the attendance of any individual student.

Team Cyberworld

Team Cyberworld

Team members:Michael G. Inso (Qatar), Pasco Twinamasiko (Uganda)

Michael from Qatar and Pasco from Uganda have met in the common ground to develop  a sustainable and efficient free live streaming, messaging, video call, and VPN application for mobiles, consoles, android smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. They used programming languages like JavaScript, python, HTML 5, CSS 3, etc. They also used and implemented an Open A.I. Artificial Intelligence. They aimed to provide comfort, security, privacy, and efficiency for the users

Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to the Hackathon. It was an incredible experience for us. We were super happy that community members adopted Ant Media and some of them even called “our website”. Ant Media Server will not only be a streaming engine, but also “your ecosystem” where everyone wins and it is a big family.

The Winners

Team Medicant – 1st place

Team Medicant - 1st place Team Medicant - the winner

Team members: Richárd Ádám Vécsey Dr., Axel Ország-Krisz Dr. (Hungary)

Medicant is a real-time telemedicine application with AI integration to help remote
diagnosis. It is like Google Meet for AI-accelerated healthcare services. Patients suffer from
lack of access to healthcare services due to the high time and money consumption of
transportation if specialists are not available locally.

Medicant provides a direct real-time connection between doctors and patients. Nowadays patient-doctor online meetings mostly are on Zoom, but it is not built to serve healthcare solutions. Medicant is based on our award-winning AI accelerated healthcare project. Doctors can assess physical examination during the meeting. Integrated TensorFlow AI networks can be loaded in real time to provide extra metrics to help the assessment. The full process is HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA compliant. In spite of transferring the video stream on a secure channel, it is processed on the side of doctors to avoid transferring sensitive health data.

Telemedicine saves money for hospitals and reduces the time spent in waiting rooms. Mediacant seems like a charity project, but it is a market-based idea. Income can come from hospitals that want to reduce the cost of their own healthcare services. The Healthcare industry finds a generic, flexible yet safeguarded streaming solution for telemedicine. We believe the fusion of our idea with Ant Media Server can fill this real market gap.

Team Streamway – 2nd place

team streamway

Team members: Ramjivan Jangid, Kuldeep jangid (India)

With Streamway, simultaneously share your live video events and campaigns with the people who mean the most to your brand. You create the content, and Streamway Live distributes it… everywhere. Streamway serves as a distribution platform that allows one live stream to be broadcast across multiple destinations; YouTube Live, Facebook Live, LinkedIn, Twitch, Twitter, landing pages, and more. Through the syndication of one input to numerous outputs, the all-in-one live streaming platform eliminates the strain simulcasting used to put on bandwidth. It frees you from managing broadcasts e.g. filling title, description, and thumbnail on each platform, so you can focus more on your content creation. Streamway arms enterprise content creators with the technology they need to share stories, drive revenue and create a high-value live streaming experience.

Team Pirates of Ipoly – 3rd place

Team members: Balazs Jantek and Gabor Kovacs (Hungary)

Demonstrate the video overlay capabilities of Ant Media Server using an example Klask board game webcast with custom hardware. Broadcasting sports events is a huge market segment in the video industry. These video streams hugely benefit from dynamic video overlays. The goal of the hackathon project is to show that a simple video stream can be enhanced with basic sport game information using AMS.

Balazs Jantek and Gabor Kovacs from Hungary have built a little hardware that imitates the on-site scoring system in the stadium, where dozens of LEGO figures will cheer for our kids playing with Klask, a funny soccer-like magnetic board game.

The hardware sends REST API calls to AMS which hosts an open-source application KlaskApp, that keeps track of the game state and some additional information, such as the player names, and avatars. KlaskApp has an administrative web UI for configuration and a player page where the public can follow the live broadcast. An AMS plugin called Stamp will be responsible for making the actual image overlays on the incoming video signal.

At the end

It is actually a beginning, not an end. We’ve learned a lot from all of the participants of the Real-Time Streaming Hackathon. It is an experience that motivates us to create value for the world. We feel very lucky to have you with us on this adventure.

Now is the time to grow together. With the help of our wide community and developer ecosystem Ant Media Server in its way to becoming the #StreamingEngineOfTheWorld.

If you have application or plugin ideas, you don’t have to wait for the next hackathon. You can monetize your ideas in the AMS Marketplace which will be available next year. Also if you want to find teammates for your project, use our Github discussions.

Let us know if you think of any other way that can be a win-win opportunity for both of us. 

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