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Let me tell you the exciting story of what happened in March 2023 – our first Hackathon of the year, the Real-Time Streaming Hackathon. This event was a huge success, and I am thrilled to share the details with you. If you participated in the Hackathon, you will undoubtedly enjoy reading about yourself and your peers, but even if you missed out, don’t worry because we have some good news for you: We are going to organize three more Hackathons in 2023. So stay tuned and follow our social media accounts on LinkedIn and Twitter for updates.

Last month, all the participants focused on creating value for the world and making people’s lives easier by creating applications on top of Ant Media Server. The participants built interactive real-time streaming applications, and our esteemed judges had a challenging time selecting the winners. They evaluated each application based on the success criteria that we shared on the starter kit.

The Jury

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Let’s take a moment to thank our judges for their time and effort. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to make this event a success.

Real-Time Streaming Hackers!

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Now, let’s talk about the teams. We had 13 teams participate in the Hackathon, and each team had some fantastic ideas. However, only eight of them were eligible to join the finals. The finalists were Team Bola, Team Cowatchers, Team Streamway, Team Ruscello, and Team Mekya.


son bola

Team members: Mustafa Boleken

Team Bola’s idea was Webinarly, a platform for B2B field and event marketers to organize huge virtual events. It only provides video and audio-sharing features for authorized people on the call. Viewers can only use the chat. This only can be changed by an authorized person from the call.

Team Cowatchers

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Team member: Rahul Kumar

Team Cowatchers presented an idea for a Cowatching Application that allows you to enjoy movies and shows with your friends, family, or loved ones wherever you are. You can watch your favorite content with your favorite person side by side without sharing your popcorn. This application is not limited to entertainment only. It can also be used for educational purposes, allowing you to watch educational videos with your peers and discuss topics.

Team Streamway

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Team members: Ramjivan Jangid, Kuldeep jangid

Team Streamway’s idea was an Online Live-Streaming Studio, an online browser-based studio app that allows users to live stream on multiple social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook simultaneously to reach more audiences. This platform eliminates the need to install anything, making hosting podcasts even easier. You can send a quick meeting link to guest speakers, and they can join and restream to their own social channels.

Team Ruscello


Team member: Akilesh

Team Ruscello presented an idea for a Watch Together platform, which solves the challenge of remotely watching movies or videos with one or more people over the internet. This problem typically arises when individuals or groups who are geographically dispersed want to watch a movie together but cannot do so in person due to distance, time constraints, or other factors. With the help of Ant Media and WebSockets, the movie or video can be streamed to all participants in real-time, and WebSockets can be used to synchronize the viewing experience, allowing all participants to start and pause the video at the same time. Additionally, WebSockets can be used to enable real-time chat or synchronized streaming services between participants during the movie.

Team Mekya

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Team member: A.Oğuz Mermerkaya

Team Mekya presented an idea for Remote Desktop Control, which allows more than one user to connect to Remote Computers via their web browsers and control the remote desktop with their mouse and send keyboard events to the Remote Computer.

The Winners

All of the teams’ ideas were impressive, but the judges had to pick the winners. The first place was awarded to Team RTC League for their idea of OBS Castify. The second place was awarded to Team Rixel for Twiddle and the third place was awarded to Team Growcift for their idea of a virtual shopping experience.

Ekran Resmi 2023 04 11 18.17.41

Team RTC Leauge – 1st place


Team members: Muhammad Usman Bashir, Aatif Bashir

OBS Castify integrates WebRTC technology with OBS Studio, enabling real-time video streaming directly from OBS without the need for additional encoding or streaming software.

Team Rixel – 2nd place

Ekran Resmi 2023 04 11 18.27.21Team members: Richárd Ádám Vécsey Dr., Axel Ország-Krisz Dr.

Twiddle is an RPS-11-based multiplayer game with a Super Ant feature for Ant Media Server. RPS-11 is an eleven-form variant of the famous Rock-Paper-Scissors game. During the hackathon, a two-players game was developed. Players can select the desired action from the action-list panel. Twiddle is written in javascript.

Team Growcify – 3rd Place

Ekran Resmi 2023 04 11 18.33.44Team member: Raj Suthar

Millions of businesses are facing problems of high returns/exchanges and order cancellations in their online businesses these days as customers don’t have options to experience or try items virtually before ordering them from their homes. Growcift provides a virtual shopping experience for its users. 

At the end

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Overall, the Real-Time Streaming Hackathon was a huge success, and we would like to congratulate all the participants for their hard work and dedication. We were truly impressed by the innovative ideas and creative solutions that were presented during the event.

If you missed out on this Hackathon, don’t worry! We will be organizing three more Hackathons in 2023, so stay tuned and follow us on our social media platforms, LinkedIn and Twitter, for updates.

Thank you again to all the participants, judges, and everyone who helped make this event possible. We look forward to seeing more amazing ideas and solutions in the future!

Last but not least, shortly most of those applications and plugins will be available on our marketplace! You can also become a marketplace vendor! Drop us an e-mail at and one of our experts will contact your as soon as possible.

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