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Antargyan cloudworks LLP is an India-based EdTech Company. For over half a decade we have been providing our services to many educational institutes assisting them to teach online in a secure manner. Through our DRM services, we safeguard the digital content of our publishers against any kind of piracy. Besides, we also empower them with many benefits such as strong encryption, disallowing users from recording or capturing the content, Set up an expiry date on the content, lock access to a certain IP address, watermark, and many more.

This is how Dilip Kalantri, CEO at Antargyan, explains Antargyan.

Antargyan Offers an Uninterrupted and Secure Experience to Its Users with Ant Media Server 

Antargyan and Ant Media Case Study

Before 2020 we were helping many institutes and publishers to distribute their prerecorded video content securely using our strong encryption software. 

With the outbreak of covid19, many industries put to a halt and the education sector was no exception. Many institutes were struggling to set up a robust secure online teaching platform to facilitate the ease of teaching. A limited number of resources were present such as zoom, Microsoft teams & google meet but they all have restricted features on the security front. To overcome this pain point we decided to build a live online teaching software and in our search to set up the secure online teaching platform for tutors we came across Ant Media & it turned out to be the best streaming software for our product. 

Ant Media Server Instead of Other Possible Solutions

Ant Media Server WebRTC solutions

We are now using Ant Media’s WebRTC solution to create our live teaching application RioPlay. Using RioPlay teachers or publishers can teach live and students will be attending it within the app. The benefit of using this platform is countless but the paramount of all the features is strong DRM, so with this, the app end-user cannot record the ongoing session or take the screen capture. With the smooth streaming even in the low bandwidth, it gives the experience of a real classroom. 

While choosing the video streaming platform, we found the following three important capabilities of Ant Media as very important: 

  • Powerful Streaming Engine: The features like Adaptive Bitrate on the fly, supported protocols, and other features make Ant Media Server a powerful streaming engine. 

Interaction and uninterrupted communication are very important in online education. Ant Media Server allowed us to provide our users secure real-time communication. 

  • Proven Scalability: Easily forming clusters, and scaling out. 

This is an essential need for video streaming scenarios where the number of participants/viewers/broadcasters are high, which is the case for our sector online education. Thanks to Ant Media’s clustering solution, we can currently serve our users without any problems, regardless of the number of users. 

  • Faster Integration: Fast and simple integration of Ant Media with other stacks of the solution. 

During the development process, compatibility, speed, and convenience are extremely important. With Ant Media Server, we easily integrated the entire platform and made it available in a very short time. 

Thanks to Ant Media we are swiftly able to develop such a strong online teaching software in no time. There’s been an immense amount of support from the Ant Media team all the time. Their support made our job much easier. 

The Technology of the New World 

Ant Media Server is getting stronger day by day to meet the changing communication needs. This is what makes Ant Media Server a good partner for Antargyan, which delivers education to thousands of people in real-time. 

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