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A wide variety of content works well with a 24/7 live streaming set-up, such as:

  • News,
  • Sports,
  • Entertainment,
  • Music,
  • Long videos like nature shots.

Let’s look at how will TechHut set up 24/7 YouTube live streaming using Ant Media Server on Linode.

In this video, @TechHut will show you how to make a 24/7  YouTube live stream music channel.

How he will use Ant Media Server to create a 24/7 YouTube live stream?

He’ll use Ant Media, installed on a Linode server, to deliver the 24/7 stream to YouTube.


What is RTMP?
Create the Linode Server
Access Ant Media Server Setup
Create Livestream
Gather Your Media
Upload Your Media
Create Playlist
Test the Stream
Connect to YouTube
Other Settings

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