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Today, we’re going to tell the success story with Virtuosica which is a live music marketplace. Virtuosica is a digital platform that facilitates career management and live music experiences via streaming for performers and music discovery for fans. They use Ant Media Server to broadcast live music shows, and they’ve improved the user experience for their customers.

We’re having Warren Peterson, CEO/CTO, in this success story. He will explain Virtuosica’s journey and how they decided to start working with Ant Media Server.

Let’s start by giving information about Virtuosica and Warren.

About Virtuosica

Virtuosica, Inc. is a live music marketplace where consumers of live music can be matched with and procure live music for their live streaming, hybrid, or on-site events. Virtousica covers all aspects, from searching, shopping, proposals/bids, gigboards, procurement, contract management, deposit/payment processing, live streaming performance, performing rights, etc. There are many more features, too many to list here.


Virtuosica – Create your own virtual concerts

Virtuosica, Inc. is a prominent player in the live music marketplace, facilitating seamless connections between consumers and live music experiences for various events, whether onsite, hybrid, or live streaming. Offering a comprehensive suite of services including searching, shopping, proposals, gig boards, contract management, and live streaming performances, Virtuosica has emerged as a go-to destination for music enthusiasts.

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Live Music Experience

About Warren Peterson

Virtuosica’s ideas man, Warren is a Juilliard trained classical and jazz pianist, vocalist, and IT industry veteran. When he isn’t working on Virtuosica, Warren is at his beloved Steinway C&A grand piano, arranging new pieces and coming up with new digital solutions for musicians.

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It’s time for the interview questions and answers. Let’s proceed

What was your challenge to offer Live Music Experience?

The primary challenge faced by Virtuosica was the integration of specialized/custom code with numerous third-party integrations, particularly concerning live streaming within their native environment. Finding a solution that seamlessly integrated with their existing infrastructure and met their unique requirements was imperative.

Why did you choose Ant Media Server?

In their quest for a suitable solution, Virtuosica explored various options, including specialized providers with OTT+ platforms, as well as several open-source and standalone streaming services. Ultimately, they opted for Ant Media Server due to its robust features, flexibility, and compatibility with their ecosystem. Ant Media Server’s reputation for reliability and low latency made it the ideal choice for Virtuosica’s live streaming needs.

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Live Music Experience

How did you benefit from the Ant Media Server?

Since implementing Ant Media Server, Virtuosica has experienced significant benefits. They have been particularly impressed by Ant Media’s consistent low latency, which has translated to minimal buffering and disruptions in video and audio streaming. Moreover, the seamless integration of Ant’s UTC technology into their application simplified the implementation process, while the exceptional support provided by Ant’s team has been instrumental in troubleshooting and providing valuable guidance.

What are the outcomes?

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Virtuosica Feature List Comparison

Looking ahead, Virtuosica aims to nurture a long-term partnership with Ant Media Server. As they prepare to scale their operations and penetrate new markets, they anticipate leveraging Ant Media’s technology to enhance user experiences and offer more immersive live streaming solutions. With a focus on becoming the ultimate destination for live and virtual music needs, Virtuosica acknowledges the pivotal role that Ant Media Server plays in their live streaming ecosystem and looks forward to continued collaboration

In conclusion

Virtuosica, Inc. stands as a testament to the transformative impact of Ant Media Server in revolutionizing live music experiences and paving the way for unparalleled innovation in the industry. It’s an honor for us to be part of it. We proceed our way together with our users to democratize streaming and be the WordPress of streaming.

Along with Viruosica we’ve had the pleasure of sharing numerous other case studies from our partners who have utilized Ant Media Server, including Fox, who use it for uninterrupted broadcasting experience, Avid – for truly immersive interactions; and Mojohost trusted us with their clients for streaming services.

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