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For over 18 years, Lloyds Auctioneers & Valuers is one of Australia’s leading auctioneering and valuation companies. Since 2004, Lloyds auctions have grown to 14 locations across Australia. With an enormous customer base, Lloyds is, without a doubt, Australia’s Greatest Auction House. Lloyds has something for everyone! Featuring live and online auctions you can find everything including new and used cars, real estate, boats, furniture, computers, wine, office equipment, building material, antiques, fine art, heavy equipment, and machinery plus a lot more! We auction items from high-end jewelry right through to insulated roofing. Our regular auctions usually allow onsite inspections at our premises. Easy online auctions as well as on-site facilities. You could spend hours browsing our ever-changing stock! With over 150 years of combined experience in auctions, valuations, and asset management our highly experienced, skilled, and qualified team can offer ultimate customer service and quality assurance.

What was the problem you were facing and trying to solve?

winning online auction on mobile

Due to the nature of our online business, we needed a way to deliver Auctions through an online stream to thousands of people around the nation. As more of our customer base grew online we needed a way to accommodate them and that solution was online streaming. Through an online stream, we are able to publish an auction in real-time and customers can tune in to bid no matter where they are located.

What possible solutions did you consider, and why did you choose Ant Media Server?

We considered many different providers for online streaming but Ant Media stood above the rest. The most impressive aspect to us was the very low latency of the stream. It was almost in real-time with the delay being about half a second. This was very important to us as it was essential for our business to have a stream that was as close to being in real-time as possible. Ant Media was definitely the most impressive in that regard and provided an exceptional product.

How have you benefited from using Ant Media Server?

By using Ant Media we have been able to provide our clientele with a platform for them to view our auctions and interact with them no matter where they are in the world. In an auction, every second counts, and this was the core aspect that Ant Media’s platform provided us through their impressive low latency streaming service.

What are Lloyds’ aspirations moving forward?

Lloyds is using Ant Media Server

We would like to work with Ant Media to integrate their platform with our own platform more seamlessly so that the entire workflow is smooth and effortless.

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Ant Media and Lloyds have partnered to bring users an ultra-low latency, scalable and high-quality auction experience and bring the classic auction experience online.  Like Lloyds and 1525 enterprises, you can provide a unique experience to your users by using Ant Media Server.

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