Private cloud camera solution

About CamOS

CamOS is a surveillance camera management app built on Ant Media Server, empowering enterprises to establish private cloud camera solutions effortlessly.

The enterprises can control their private video camera data without any concerns about their data privacy because all data is encrypted and it flows through their Ant Media Server.


  • It offers direct data storage for new technology surveillance cameras, ensuring secure and easily accessible data through the cloud. 
  • It supports online viewing, playback, and camera management with user-friendly administrative features. 
  • Integration with various camera lines and recorders meeting the ONVIF connection standard optimizes cost efficiency, making it a versatile solution.

Getting Started

Before Starting:

You need to have an active Ant Media Server(AMS) license. You can subscribe through AWS and deploy AMS with just one click. Or directly subscribe to self-hosted license on our website.

Your AMS server must run on MongoDB as cluster mode (currently, AMS only supports to install an new application on cluster mode, not support standalone mode right now) and enable S3 recording (AWS S3 or S3 compatible systems) for video data storage


  • Download the latest war file of CamOS
  • Login to your Ant Media Server management panel.
  • At the panel, click the “New Application” button. 
  • Simply, click the “Choose File” button and browse the war file (CamOS.war) you downloaded. Hit the upload button.
  • Input “CamOS” as the name of the application (you can’t change the order name).
  • Hit, Create button. And, that’s all. That simple.

Screenshot 2023 08 11 at 09.48.32

  • After creating, the new application will be available on your AMS system.

Screenshot 2023 08 11 at 09.49.37

  • Open CamOS setting page to configure your S3 recording and video recording

Screenshot 2023 08 11 at 09.50.51

  • In the future, we will update more new features such as AI recognition. Therefore, you can update your CamOS application by deleting old CamOS application and re-creating the above steps (you need to re-configurate S3 recording and video recording after re-creating the CamOS application)

Screenshot 2023 08 11 at 09.51.44


Open CamOS webpage: 

Non SSL: http://{YOUR_ANT_MEDIA_SERVER}:5080/CamOS 


Screenshot 2023 08 11 at 09.54.29
Port number can be different from your setting.

  • You see the welcome page, your system is ready for configuration! You can change the language if needs. Currently, we support some languages such as Vietnamese, English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and French. You can contact us if you want to add your mother language.
Screenshot 2023 08 11 at 09.55.42

Register the administrator account

In the first time, you need to create a new administrator account for your system. This account have the full permission on your system.

Screenshot 2023 08 11 at 09.57.00

  • You input your email, full name, password and hit “Sign up” to create the administrator account. After a successful signing up, you can login by this account.


The application show the login page after your create a new administrator account.

Screenshot 2023 08 11 at 09.58.28

Input your email and password to login.


Screenshot 2023 08 11 at 10.00.03

Your can access to the functions by accessing the menu bar on left side. Some features of CamOS such as.

Dashboard: summary your system and your favorite cameras
Cameras: view to your cameras
Settings – Camera: manage your cameras
Settings – Group: manage your camera groups
Settings – Users: manage your users
Settings – System: configurate your camera system
Logout: logout your account


Screenshot 2023 08 11 at 10.01.21

  • The dashboard page provides the summary your system such as total users, total cameras and your favorite cameras (you can add or remove the favorite cameras in the Camera page)


Our engineers will be available for you. Please contact us if you need technical help. Also, we have some support package offerings here.

For contributions and more details, check out our GitHub repository.


Private cloud camera solution