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In this post, I will tell about Ant Media’s Scalable Ultra-Low Latency Streaming Solution in Cloud. Firstly, I want to talk about cloud and AMS images on the cloud.

As known, cloud computing is a rapidly growing technology. So, most businesses adapt their infrastructure to take advantage of this technology. As Ant Media, we also believe in the importance of cloud computing. Therefore, we aim to bring together Ant Media Server and its users on the cloud. Actually, we have already provided the Ant Media Server images to AWS and Azure users to use in the cloud. You can check related posts from here for AWS and from here for Azure.

Moreover, you can access AMS images from here for AWS and here for Azure.

What is a Scalable Ultra-Low Latency Streaming Solution?

Cloud service providers AWS, Azure, and some others have auto-scaling features. With the help of this, web applications or sites can be available under varying numbers of loads with the optimal resources. Shortly, if the load (user count) increases, new computation units are opened and vice versa.

AMS scalable cloud solution brings this auto-scaling feature to users. You can set up an AMS cluster by ready using AMS images on the cloud and get auto-scaling advantages.

Ant Media Server Scalable Cloud Solution Structure

Ant Media Server Scalable Cloud Solution Structure

Who should use a Scalable Ultra-Low Latency Streaming Solution?

We recommend AMS Scalable Cloud Solution for such projects.
– Projects require to support varying numbers of publishers/players.
– Projects must be available for a short time like auctions and live event streaming.

Why do you use it?

There are lots of advantages to using AMS Scalable Cloud Solution.

– It is economical because you pay for instances only you use.
– It is easy to use because you can use ready AMS images on AWS or Azure.

How do you use it?

Ant Media provides scalable cloud solutions on AWS and Azure platforms. Fortunately, there are already existing ready-to-use Ant Media Server images on AWS and Azure marketplaces. So, you can easily set up the scalable AMS cluster by using them on AWS or Azure. We have step-by-step documents here for AWS and here for Azure.

Also, we also have plans to prepare one-click scripts to automate scalable cluster setup.

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