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Today, we’re going to tell the success story with pCloudy which is Digital Playground for App Testing. pCloudy, a leading mobile app testing platform, faced a unique challenge to stream mobile device screens with low latency and high quality for better user experience in their platforms. They use Ant Media Server and Android and iOS WebRTC SDKs to broadcast mobile app device screens for app testing, and they’ve improved the user experience for their customers.

We’re having Shibu Prasad Panda, Software Development Lead, in this success story. He will explain pCloudy’s journey and how they decided to start working with Ant Media Server.

Let’s start by giving information about pCloudy and Shibu.

About pCloudy

pCloudy is a mobile app testing platform that provides a cloud-based environment for testing mobile applications on a wide range of devices. It was founded in 2015. pCloudy has used the power of latest cutting edge technology to keep its user ahead in the journey. Over 250K users rely on pCloudy to ensure quality app releases with absolute digital confidence.

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What pCloud does?

There are interesting use-cases for pcloudy. For instance, developers, testers, quality assurance professionals, and DevOps engineers ensure the functionality, performance, and compatibility of mobile apps across various devices, operating systems, and network conditions. The platform offers real-device testing, automation testing, visual AI testing, and test analysis to identify and address issues before releasing the app to end-users.

About Shibu Prasad Panda

Shibu specializes in a range of backend technologies, including TypeScript, Typeorm, PostgreSQL, Node.js, and Core Java with a focus on socket programming and threading. He has experience working with various AWS services, such as EC2, SQS, RDS, Lambda, IAM, S3, and Elastic Search. Shibu has contributed to the Appium Open Source Project and possesses strong skills in Appium and Selenium for cross-platform projects. Recently, he has been focusing on DevOps, utilizing tools like Jenkins and GitHub, and has delved into video and audio streaming technologies.

Shibu Prasad Panda
Software Development Lead at pcloudy

It’s time for the interview questions and answers. Let’s proceed.

What was your challenge?

pCloudy’s global testing teams needed a robust solution to enable their clients to conduct live video app testing collaboratively. Spread across different geographies, achieving real-time video streaming by using all type of handsets for live video streaming was a significant challenge.

Why did you choose Ant Media Server?

After evaluating various streaming solutions, pCloudy chose Ant Media Server for its unparalleled low-latency streaming capabilities, scalability, and comprehensive features including iOS and Android SDKs provided by Ant Media Server. It’s support for WebRTC streaming and adaptive bitrate streaming proved instrumental in addressing pCloudy’s unique requirements.

Mobile App Testing
Publishing Device Screen with Ant Media’s Mobile WebRTC SDKs

How did you benefit from the Ant Media Server?

Ant Media Server and its SDKs are seamlessly integrated with pCloudy’s app testing environment. The platform’s adaptive bitrate streaming ensured optimal video quality across devices and network conditions, while WebRTC streaming facilitated real-time video streaming smoothly.

What are the outcomes?

pCloudy outcomes from success story with Ant Media Server
What pCloudy gained from using Ant Media Server?

Leveraging the advanced functionalities of Ant Media Server, pCloudy witnessed a substantial increase in user engagement during live testing sessions, resulting in more valuable feedback and enhanced app quality. As pCloudy’s user community grew, Ant Media Server seamlessly scaled to meet rising streaming demands, ensuring a consistently seamless testing experience for users globally.

Ant Media Server has been a game-changer for us. The low-latency streaming and adaptability to different network conditions have significantly improved our app testing efficiency.

In conclusion

pCloudy has been providing the best user experience in remote app testing via interactive , reliable and low-latency and they have improved user engagement. It’s an honor for us to be part of it. We proceed our way together with our users to democratise streaming and be the wordpress of streaming.

Along with pCloudy we’ve had the pleasure of sharing numerous other case studies from our partners who have utilized Ant Media Server, including Fox, who use it for uninterrupted broadcasting experience, Avid – for truly immersive interactions; and Mojohost trusted us with their clients for streaming services.

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