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E-learning has become a very important topic with Covid-19. Educational activities in many countries stopped, hundreds or even thousands of companies started working remotely. This situation made education impossible with classical methods. Besides, Pandemic has shown us the inadequate use of technology in education. In this blog post, you will learn about e-learning, its benefits and how Ant Media can help you to build your own e-learning platform.

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What Is E-learning?

what is e-learning

E-learning, also called online learning, electronic learning or distance education, is a learning model that uses technological infrastructure such as computers and the internet to carry out learning-teaching activities. It is a system that includes concepts such as technology-based learning, computer-based learning, internet-based learning and mobile learning.

Advantages of E-learning

• Having fun

• There is no time and space limitation

• Results can be measured

• Effective

• Supports traditional education

• Efficient and saves money

Continuing Education With E-learning

Ant media e learning solutionsE-learning makes life easier for institutions. It facilitates the training and education processes of institutions and supports the dynamic corporate culture.

• Education or training can be accessed from anywhere, only need an internet connection, and do not require a physical environment.

• Training or education are not obliged to be held in a certain period of time.

• It eliminates the obligation of educators and participants to be in the same environment at the same time.

• The participants provide an alternative training/lecture in which they can organize their time and place according to their own.

• Participants can access the course/education/subject contents over and over again at any time.

• Provides a platform where participants can communicate with each other or with trainers and experts.

Who should use E-learning?

E-learning is an excellent way for institutions and organizations that want to teach/learn new things without the need for a physical space.

Universities and schools can use it to support classical learning and in some cases instead of classical learning.

It is also a practical solution for companies to train their employees. It allows organizations to organize online training for team members and provide them the information quickly and practically. Whether companies can use it to keep employees up to date on company policies or to help customers better understand products. There are many uses.

How can Ant Media Server Help You With E-learning?



As we mentioned above, e-learning has many benefits. But it is a process that everyone should interact with. Therefore, ultra-low latency should be included in this process.

Ant Media Server has many features for you to have a comprehensive distance education platform.

Ant Media Server supports N-N live video/audio conferencing by using WebRTC protocol that allows you to achieve ultra-low latency which is around 0.5 seconds.

Participants may have different internet speeds. Such as 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi… But that’s not a problem with Ant Media Server. It can receive and send the best quality stream according to your audience’s internet speed. To increase your participant’s engagement, Ant Media Server supports Instant messaging (aka chat).

Regardless of the scale of your e-learning project, your broadcast continues smoothly with Ant Media Server. Ant Media Server is horizontally and vertically scalable for having tens of thousands of audiences in real-time.

Ant Media Server can also help you with multi-speaker panels and discussions with its feature many-to-many ultra-low latency streaming. While your speakers can talk in the room between each other, the audience can watch the stream with ultra-low latency.

Building up an E-learning platform is really easy with Ant Media. Ant Media provides REST API and JavaScript API, native Android and iOS WebRTC SDKs for mobile applications.

You can download native Android and iOS WebRTC SDKs and try Ant Media Server for free!

Let’s see, how to build an E-Learning platform easily.

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