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Today, we’re diving into the success tale of Amnimo, a provider of integrated video, IoT, and AI solutions that seamlessly merge IoT devices with cloud services. They harness the capabilities of Ant Media Server to enhance their Cloud Video Surveillance solution, utilizing its robust streaming functionalities for scalability.

Joining us in this narrative is Alaguraja Pandian Palaniraj, Global Business Development Manager at Amnimo. He’ll shed light on Amnimo’s trajectory and shed insight into their decision to collaborate with Ant Media Server.


  • High Latency
  • High Cost
  • Low Video Streaming Performance


  • Real-time streaming
  • Affordable
  • High Video Streaming Performance

Who is Amnimo?

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Amnimo part of Yokogawa Group offers an array of video, IoT, and AI solutions that seamlessly integrate IoT devices with cloud services. They are dedicated to fostering a globally interconnected world through IoT and AI, empowering video to unlock fresh value via edge computing and cloud technologies. Their video solutions cater to diverse applications including security surveillance, smart cities, renewable energy, industrial plants, and mobility.

What was your challenge to offer Cloud-based Video Surveillance?

Amnimo were looking for a low-cost, low latency and high-performance media server to stream video data from the IP Camera, video gateway, and video encoders to their cloud platform.

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Why did you choose Ant Media Server?

After exploring various options for a Cloud Video Surveillance solution, Amnimo chose Ant Media Server due to its ultra-low latency video streaming, transcoding capabilities, and HLS features.

As a Technology Alliance partner, we are satisfied with the collaboration and professional support from both Ant Media Server sales and support team.The ultra-low latency with less than a sec latency streaming experience was commendable.

Capterra, 2024

They leverage the Ant Media Server streaming functions as part of their highly scalable Cloud Video Surveillance solution. Though they faced a few technical roadblocks during integration, the Ant Media Server was kind enough to support them quickly. Since AMS supports plug-in architecture, they can leverage and customize the video data for their requirements and needs.

Amnimo Cloud Video Surveillance System with Ant Media Server

What are your aspirations moving forward?

We would like to expand our solution business globally and together with AMS team we would to enhance the solution offerings based on market requirements.

Since the cost is a key factor comparing with our competitors, we would like to discuss with Ant Media Server Sales team on more a flexible and competitive price to realize a Win-Win situation.

We want to realize a high availability and reliable video solution that continuously streams 24/7.


In conclusion

Leveraging Amnimo’s expertise in video solutions, IoT solutions, and AI solutions that combine IoT devices and cloud service alongside Ant Media’s cutting-edge technology in real-time video streaming, this partnership aims to deliver innovative and seamless experiences for clients across various industries. We proceed our way together with our users to democratize streaming and be the WordPress of streaming.

Along with Amnimo, we’ve had the pleasure of sharing numerous other case studies from our partners who have utilized Ant Media Server, including Fox, who use it for uninterrupted broadcasting experience, Avid – for truly immersive interactions; and Mojohost trusted us with their clients for streaming services.

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