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Are you tired of managing the complexities of your video streaming infrastructure while also trying to keep costs in check? Say goodbye to manual scaling and hello to a smarter solution. We’re thrilled to introduce our latest enhancement: an automated, video streaming service infrastructure on AWS (Amazon Web Services) with Ant Media Server. This solution seamlessly scales up and down to meet your needs, automatically terminating when not in use.

Let’s discover how our innovative approach can revolutionize your video streaming experience with effortless scalability and significant cost savings.

Key Features of Video Streaming Service Infrastructure

Effortless Installation on Demand

Gone are the days of manual server provisioning. Our system takes care of everything, automatically creating a dedicated instance with the necessary resources the moment you initiate your first request to the endpoint. With just a few clicks, your video streaming service will be up and running without the hassle of tedious setup procedures.

Intelligent Cost Optimization

Why pay for resources you’re not using? Our solution eliminates unnecessary expenses by intelligently scaling resources based on demand. Unused instances are automatically terminated after a short period of inactivity, configurable to your preferences. This not only optimizes performance but also ensures you’re only paying for what you need, resulting in significant cost savings over time.

Simplified User Experience

Streamline your workflow and Say goodbye to complex server management and configuration hassles. Our system provides a single endpoint for both publishing and playback, making video streaming service management a breeze so that you can focus on creating captivating content without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

Ready to Stream? Let’s Get Started!

Before diving into the setup process of this intelligent and automated video streaming service, make sure to subscribe to Ant Media Server on AWS Marketplace if you’re using it for the first time.

Download and Import the CloudFormation YAML File

Access the CloudFormation service within your AWS console and import this YAML file by choosing the Upload a template file option under Specify template and go to Next.

ant media server self hosted 1

Configure Your Stack

Customize your setup by entering the essential details such as Stack name, InstanceType, Keyname, and the LoadBalancerCertificateArn under Specify stack details.

ant media server self hosted 2

  • Stack Name: Name your stack/structure.
  • Instance Type: Select the desired instance type.
  • Key Name: Choose the key pair for the instances and keep it safe as it will be needed if you SSH into the instances.
  • LoadBalancerCertificateArn: Provide the ARN of the SSL certificate for the Load Balancer.

Note: If you don’t have a certificate from the AWS Certificate Manager service, follow the steps here to create one.

  • Click Next after entering these details.
  • On the Configure stack options page scroll down and click Next.
  • Next, you will load on the Review and Create page. Review the details, acknowledge, and click Submit.

Launching Your Instance and Accessing the Endpoint

Upon completion of the stack installation, you’ll receive the EndPoint:

  • Endpoint Address: This is the endpoint address that allows direct access to your video streaming service/platform.

Screenshot from 2024 03 29 14 13 48

Upon accessing the endpoint for the first time, a new instance will be launched automatically in the background. This process typically takes around 10 seconds.

Once complete, you’ll be greeted by the Ant Media Server login screen, ready to publish your videos!

Exploring the Ant Media Server User Interface

Upon accessing the endpoint address, you will see the Load Balancer screen like the one below.

Screenshot from 2024 03 29 14 15 26

Once the AWS instance is launched and ready, you will be greeted with the Ant Media Server login dashboard.

To proceed, you can create the dashboard login credentials by providing the necessary details.

ant media server self hosted 5 1

Below is the Ant Media Server Dashboard.

ant media server self hosted 6

Publishing WebRTC Streams

Ant Media Serve offers different WebRTC samples that are designed to immerse you in various scenarios.

ant media server self hosted 7

In conclusion

Our CloudFormation-based infrastructure offers unparalleled scalability, affordability, and ease of use for video streaming on AWS. By ensuring instances are only active when needed, we maximize availability while minimizing costs.
Stay tuned for our next update, which will involve migrating our standalone build, currently in beta version, to an auto-scalable architecture.

Unlock the power of an intelligent video streaming service on AWS with Ant Media Server. Stream smart and save more today!

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