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Windows is still one of the main operating systems on the planet, but Ant Media Server is being developed to work on Linux. Although it is rare, as Ant Media support team we get questions like “Does Ant Media Server work on Windows ?” When this article is written, it is fully compatible with Ubuntu 20.04 operating system. However, to give you an answer to questions from you, I will tell how to run Ant Media Server on a Windows machine in this blog post.

Running Ant Media Server on Windows

Virtual machine software is one that mimics the properties of a physical machine and makes us feel like we are using a real machine. To put it more clearly, we create a Linux virtual machine on a Windows computer, and it looks like we have a Linux-installed computer. More information about Virtualization and Virtual Machines can be found here. I will explain how to run Ant Media Server on Virtual Machine in 3 steps. If you are familiar with virtual machine software installation and virtual machine instance creation, you can directly proceed to step 3.

Step 1 – Virtual Machine Software Installation

Although there are lots of virtual machine software available on the market, we will tell this article with VirtualBox.

First we will download VirtualBox software from We run the program downloaded and click “next” or “yes” to complete the installation. When the installation is over, the program will open automatically. If not, we can run it from the programs. The following screen will come up.

VirtualBox Start Screen

VirtualBox Start Screen

Step 2 – Ubuntu Virtual Machine Creation

First of all, we need to download Ubuntu image (.iso) file from this link: Click new button on VirtualBox. On the incoming screen, we define our virtual machine, adjust the amount of RAM and memory of our virtual machine. At the end, when we clicked on the Create button, our machine was created.

Later we select our created virtual machine and press the settings button. In the Storage settings as below, we select the drive named Empty under the Controller IDE and press the disk image next to it. Then we select the .iso file we downloaded earlier from the opening file chooser window.

VirtualBox Settings

VirtualBox Settings

Now we have our virtual machine ready. We can start our Ubuntu machine by pressing the Start button.When we launch the Linux, installation screen will come up. We complete the installation by pressing continue buttons on coming screens.

Running Ubuntu Virtual Machine on Windows

Running Ubuntu Virtual Machine on Windows

Step 3 – Installing and Running Ant Media Server on Ubuntu 20.04 Virtual Machine

If we pass the first two steps smoothly, we have a machine with Ubuntu in this step. Installing and running Ant Media Server on this virtual machine is not different than on a normal Linux machine. Therefore, when we apply the installation steps described in on our virtual machine, Ant Media Server will be running.

It means we done if we see the following login screen when we go http://localhost:5080 from our web browser.

Ant Media Server Login Screen

Ant Media Server Login Screen

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