WebRTC video streaming protocol has become a core technology for interactive live streaming solutions such as video conferencing, online betting and bidding, and live shopping. WebRTC is a combination of speed, compatibility, and scalability

WebRTC is the only streaming protocol that can deliver the lowest latency media delivery under 500 milliseconds. Native browser support also eliminates the need for end users to download any apps or plugins to view the streams.

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC stands for web real-time communications. WebRTC is a very exciting, powerful, and highly disruptive cutting-edge technology and streaming protocol.

WebRTC is HTML5 compatible and you can use it to add real-time media communications directly between browser and devices. And you can do that without the need for any prerequisite of plugins to be installed in the browser. And Webrtc is progressively becoming supported by all major modern browser vendors including Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and others

Thanks to WebRTC video streaming protocol, you can embed the real-time video directly into your browser-based solution to create an engaging and interactive streaming experience for your audience without worrying about delay. WebRTC video streaming is just changing the way of engagement in the new normal.

Ant Media WebRTC Server

Get the real time engagement with WebRTC video streaming

Ant Media Server supports most of the common media streaming protocols like RTMP, HLS, RTSP, SRT, CMAF, and of course WebRTC. Actually, Ant Media Server is one of the fastest-growing and most popular WebRTC Servers. It is becoming a more powerful WebRTC streaming engine and offers new promising features for WebRTC video streaming every day. Ant Media Server provides scalable and adaptive, ultra-low latency streaming by using WebRTC technology with 0.5 seconds latency. This means no more delay!  We aim to provide a great cost-efficient and best-performance ultra-low latency streaming solution for our users to make their life easy and reduce their streaming costs.

flash rtmp to webrtc

RTMP to WebRTC migration

Flash technology is outdated and is gradually going out of use. Adobe stopped updating and distributing the Flash Player/RTMP. Therefore, it is important to transfer projects developed using Flash to other technologies, including WebRTC. If you want ultra-low latency for your projects, actually WebRTC video streaming solutions are the only choice for you.

Advantages of WebRTC video streaming

  • Ultra-Low Latency Video Streaming - Latency is 0.5 seconds
  • Platform and device independence
  • Advanced voice and video quality
  • Secure voice and video streaming
  • Easy to scale
  • Adaptive to network conditions
  • WebRTC Data Channels
webrtc streaming ultra low latency

Level up your streaming platform with WebRTC!

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