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Dear Spaceport Users! We are bringing several improvements with our new Spaceport Volumetric Video coming release. Our new release contains incredible features like the Encoding of volumetric video frames via the H.264 compression technique, Fast rendering of point clouds, and Texture Improvements.

New Spaceport Volumetric Video Features

spaceport-volumetric video

Currently, Spaceport 1.3 has already been released with a bunch of new features and usability improvements, particularly for colored point cloud rendering and filters. If you haven’t heard about Spaceport-Volumetric Video before, you can read the previous entries:

– Part 1: Spaceport 0.0
Part 2: Spaceport 1 
Part 3: Spaceport 1.2

H.264 Encoding

spaceport volumetric video features

H.264 is the dominant standard for broadcast video encoding because it provides excellent video quality at low bitrates. Using H.264 encoding helps the operator to attain a higher quality standard while reducing bandwidth and storage costs. So be ready to experience usable features in our next release.

Point Cloud formation on the Publisher side

Our previous releases capture RGB and Depth image data on the Publisher side and then send it to Subscribers via a streaming protocol. But in the coming new year 2022, the new implementation will be more robust in which all RGB and Depth image data from multiple cameras will be processed at the publisher side. The robust encoding standard H.264 will encode point cloud data and stream volumetric video frames at the Subscriber side with a better quality standard at less data bandwidth usage.

Texture Improvement on 3D Mesh

Our technical team has done some more improvements for texture enhancement to maintain real-world touch on rendering 3D point clouds. This will give you a more realistic view of colored 3D point clouds. Feel free to test our latest 3D video player demo with our Volumetric Web Player.

So, keep testing our open-source Spaceport’s new releases and updates.

Hope you enjoyed the blog post. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always welcome to know your feedback.

Stay Healthy & Happy New Year 2022

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