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Online education platforms have grown immensely since the dawn of the internet. Testbook is a prime example, leveraging the power of live streaming to become a leading online learning platform with over 10 million users. They provide affordable, high-quality educational content and test preparation for competitive exams across India.

In this blog post, we delve into how they harnessed live streaming technology to elevate their platform and enhance their systems.

Testbook: Online Education Platform

What was their challenge?

As their user base expanded, they faced rising streaming costs and challenges in maintaining reliable service. To support their growth, they needed a scalable, cost-effective solution that minimized downtime and ensured a seamless streaming experience.

Additionally, they aimed to optimize data usage to allow their users to enjoy more content without exceeding their daily bandwidth limits.

Testbook: Online Education Platform

Why did Testbook choose Ant Media Server?

We chose Antmedia Enterprise for its robust, scalable, and cost-effective streaming capabilities. We deployed Antmedia servers in-house, and switched our streaming infrastructure to this cluster with minimal efforts.

In our tests, the cluster performed really well at our scale, and its integration was seamless due to the detailed documentation. We could update stream settings on the go and quickly test them out. Through these tests, we were able to fine tune our final stream settings which offered good user experience with minimal data usage. We moved this to production and were able to see a positive impact almost immediately.


  • Streaming costs
  • Not reliable service
  • Low video streaming performance


Testbook: Online Education Platform
  • Scalable streaming
  • Cost-effective
  • Minimized downtime


  1. Around a 50% Reduction in Streaming infrastructure costs, compared to what Testbook paid to their previous streaming vendor.
  2. Since they took AMS live, it has been running for the past 2 years with more than 99.5% uptime.
  3. They improved user experience and engagement because of minimal issues while streaming, while also reducing data usage.
  4. They can easily scale as per the growing user base and peak loads.
Testbook: Online Education Platform
Testbook Team

In conclusion

Ant Media Server delivered a scalable and reliable streaming solution for them, ensuring high availability and substantially lowering costs. This collaboration has been crucial in advancing their mission to make quality education accessible to everyone on a large scale.

Along with Testbook, we’ve had the pleasure of sharing numerous other case studies from our partners who have utilized Ant Media Server, including Fox, who use it for uninterrupted broadcasting experience, Avid – for truly immersive interactions; and Mojohost trusted us with their clients for streaming services.

About Ant Media Server Deployment in AWS

Ant Media provided a robust solution leveraging AWS’s purpose-built Media & Entertainment capabilities. Key integrations included:

  • Amazon EC2: Utilized for secure, scalable compute capacity, ensuring high performance and reliability.
  • AWS CloudFormation: Rapid deployment of streaming clusters, allowing Ant Media Server to scale according to demand.
  • WebRTC Streaming: Enabled ultra-low latency broadcasts crucial for live news delivery.
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming: Ensured optimal viewing experiences across varying network conditions.

Key Results and Benefits, included:

  • Latency Reduction: Achieved sub-0.5 second delays.
  • Scalability: Effortlessly supported viewer numbers from a few to hundreds of thousands.
  • Cost Efficiency: Reduced IT costs by 30% through flexible AWS pricing models.
  • Viewer Engagement: Enhanced real-time viewer experience with high-quality broadcasts.

Visit the Ant Media Server on AWS Documentation for information about Ant Media Server deployment on AWS.

About Ant Media and AWS Collaboration

Ant Media actively participates in the AWS Partner Network (APN), including programs like AWS Customer Engagement and funding and credits to support customers’ Proof of Concepts (PoCs) when running Ant Media Server on Amazon EC2, Graviton, GPU, ECS, or EKS. Ant Media Server has passed APN’s AWS Foundational Technical Review–an AWS-defined review built to qualify an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) as a validated software product, and customers can easily subscribe and deploy Ant  Media Server from the AWS Marketplace

AWS Customers that want to push the boundaries and start streaming at the speed of now deploy Ant Media Server on Amazon EC2, Graviton, GPU, ECS, or EKS to innovate and exceed modern digital expectations with Ultra-Low Latency and support for WebRTC, LL-DASH(CMAF), HLS, RTMP, SRT, RTSP, and Zixi. Ant Media Server offers the most purpose-built capabilities of any cloud, making it the ideal solution for real-time streaming.

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